1. B

    How do you use your rear kitchen/camper pod/boot system?

    I have a Kombi that I camp in with the kids, normal Kombi with some bits to help me camp in like front swivels and a slot together ply bed that goes in the back. Food and hot drinks are usually sorted from the boot and under the tailgate, and sometimes inside if the bed isn't assembled. But it's...
  2. D

    For Sale Green Sheltapod G1

    Asking for £275 Immaculate condition having been used twice. In green !! Collection from Lincolnshire
  3. mackmaya


    Hi all, anybody have any experience with sheltapods? I'm in the market for a driveway awning and just seen these, we looking at s vango cove low, but these look very handy and are well,priced...cheers .
  4. Brae

    Would a Vango Tent Extension work?

    Good morning all Must admit my head hurts from weighing up the options to gain some shelter for when the weather changes be it a Barndoor canopy or something on the side of the van for when I'm away with the van and importantly I've got a 2 week trip around Scotland coming up soon and no doubt...
  5. J

    sheltaPod campervan awning

    sheltaPod is a brand new campervan awning design that has just gone into production following a successful crowdfunding campaign. We already have pre orders for 320 of our 'first production run' stock and only have a limited number of awnings left. These are available at a discounted price...
  6. DaveyB

    What removable awning/ tent?

    Hi all. I am about to have a Reimo multi-rail fitted to my van to facilitate the installation of an awning/ tent. I want a removable item rather than a permanent mount just because it suits us better. Has anyone got a similar system and tent on their van, and, or, what would you recommend...