1. D

    For Sale Green Sheltapod G1

    Asking for £275 Immaculate condition having been used twice. In green !! Collection from Lincolnshire
  2. mackmaya


    Hi all, anybody have any experience with sheltapods? I'm in the market for a driveway awning and just seen these, we looking at s vango cove low, but these look very handy and are well,priced...cheers .
  3. Brae

    Would a Vango Tent Extension work?

    Good morning all Must admit my head hurts from weighing up the options to gain some shelter for when the weather changes be it a Barndoor canopy or something on the side of the van for when I'm away with the van and importantly I've got a 2 week trip around Scotland coming up soon and no doubt...
  4. J

    sheltaPod campervan awning

    sheltaPod is a brand new campervan awning design that has just gone into production following a successful crowdfunding campaign. We already have pre orders for 320 of our 'first production run' stock and only have a limited number of awnings left. These are available at a discounted price...
  5. DaveyB

    What removable awning/ tent?

    Hi all. I am about to have a Reimo multi-rail fitted to my van to facilitate the installation of an awning/ tent. I want a removable item rather than a permanent mount just because it suits us better. Has anyone got a similar system and tent on their van, and, or, what would you recommend...