sequential indicator repeaters

  1. OllieGBR

    Sold Sequential Mirror indicators

    I bought these to copy a project idea here on the forum by where you modify the wing mirror housing and add in these sequential lights. Never got around to modifying the wing mirrors and now have the Transporter HQ headlights instead. £20 posted
  2. Rossi17

    Dynamic side Repeaters Fitting

    Hi brought the dynamic led dark repeaters from Travelin-lite but the final fitting isn’t to gud, has anyone else come across when fitted they’re really easy to pull out! The sticky end is ok but the end with the clip pulls out really easy.
  3. Urbanfox

    Dynamic side Repeaters

    Has anyone fitted these LED dynamic side repeaters? eBay is £24.98, Travelin-Lite is £35 and Advanced in-car Tech is a whopping £79. There doesn't look to be much difference to me but is there? All are an easy fit...
  4. Robert

    OEM T6 LED Rear Lights With Sequential LED Indicator "retrofit"

    Guys I can't stop doing this. I am still managing to keep myself happy as I keep on coming up with new ideas. Have a look below and judge yourselves.
  5. Jonny

    TransporterHQ (THQ) Aftermarket Replacement Headlights

    Don't let the halogens put you off. These aren't finished. Looks like a set will go for £550
  6. Deaky

    Mirrors With Dynamic Indicators