seat height

  1. Gus_T6_Bus

    Seat Height Adjustment - aftermarket seats?

    Hi All, First post - go easy! I’ve bought T6 conversion (formerly a shuttle) and have a question about front seat height adjustment. We have 2 captains chair type seats (saying that as they have a single outside arm not both sides - does this seat type have a different name or is it still...
  2. Phil Blackburn

    Height Adjustable Seats with Swivel

    Does anyone know if you can install height adjustable captains seats on VW factory swivels. I understand the issue with setting the height before you operate the swivel but was wondering if the actual mounting mechanism was any different.
  3. michael thorpe

    Carravelle Front Seat Swivel Base

    Hi can anyone tell me if you can take the swivel base off Caravelle front seats and just fit the seats back on the base want to remove the one on the drivers seat Thanks
  4. M

    Best deals on a new Transporter?

    First post on the forum :) I've recently started looking at the Transporter to replace my current estate and was hoping for some advice on who to approach for the best deals on new vehicles? Specifically I'm after a manual TDi 150 SWB Highline Kombi. Thanks all.