seat covers

  1. Ricardo T

    For Sale Genuine Vw, T6 seat protection covers for single seats x 3. £30 +postage

    Genuine covers for single captains seats...3 seat covers, 3 headrest covers and 2 pairs of armrest covers. Good condition with the odd mark/fade but nothing rips or tears.
  2. C

    Caravelle seat covers (middle row - single seats)

    Hi All, I'm thinking of buying 2 single middle row seats for my Cali Beach (from a Caravelle) and would need to get them, and my front seats, covered so they all match. I can't find any slip on covers for the single middle row seats online, I'm looking for reasonably nice looking ones rather...
  3. Dellmassive

    Sold UK Custom Seat Covers rear 2+1 (T6 / T6.1)

    UK Custom Seat Covers - rear 2+1 2nd row covers £28 + postage or free collection .. purchased as a set from a Forum member, these rears are surplus to requirements. no head rests or armrests, nice and soft feel, for Kombi rear 2+1 seats. single seat is a one piece cover, the double is a...
  4. BeccaJDB

    Sold Full set of T6.1 Bentley stitched leatherette seat covers with VW logo

    I love my new T6.1 Caravelle, but I wasn’t as keen on the seat covers. They’re fantastic quality and in perfect condition, but a bit too sporty for my taste! Black faux/vegan leatherette with pale grey panel, diamond quilting, foam padding and VW logo. Front captain’s driver and single...
  5. Ronno1o

    seat covers for kombi 1+1+1 seats

    anyone know anywhere that makes covers for 1+1+1 Kombi seats? I have different coloured cloth on my first and second-row seats so looking for covers to make em all match
  6. Jason Kew

    For Sale Jackyards canvas Captain + Double front seat covers in Teal

    Hi T6’ers, For sale are my 6 month old Teal Canvas seat covers, tailored fit by Jackyards. Cost £400 new, selling due interior colour change! Will fit 2+1 with drivers armrests and headrests.. fantastic condition, quality heavy canvas. The 2 seater is a folding bench, not swivel. £175 Pick up...
  7. B

    Sold Kombi seats + Van-King Bed SWB

    Hello, For Sale; From 67 plate Kombi. Converting to campervan. Kombi 2+1 rear seats (simora) includes seat fixings, seat belts. I will also include Leather In fitted seat cover which is black with white stitch. £950 ono AVAILABLE JANUARY Van-King Bed Most recent model, for SWB, 2+1 split...
  8. H

    For Sale Kutamo seat covers and spare swivel captains seat for California

    Selling more of my friends un needed California bits, sold her wheels very quickly so hopefully same for these! She is selling a set of genuine VW Kutamo fabric seat covers, these will fit a 5 seat van with a bench seat in the back. She’d like £600 for them. Also selling the extra swivel seat...
  9. S

    For Sale INKA VW T6 seat covers Kombi

    Full set of covers to fit T6 Kombi, captains chairs/2+1 All headrests & arm covers included Collection around Wirral or may post for around £12 Need a wipe, some like new and others lightly soiled as pics Offers around £100 Thanks
  10. goldeneye243

    Looking for full width Rib bed seat covers

    As per title, looking for a seat cover for a full width Rib bed seat (150cm). Tried the Northcore triple seat cover, but that didn't fit unfortunately. Any other suggestions. Looking for something waterproof for surfing/fishing etc.
  11. Pauly

    Sold Genuine VW Triple Bench Cover

    Genuine grey rear triple bench seat cover in ok condition WYSIWYG there are no headrest covers and no rips or tears or crazy stains, could do with a wipe over but other than that it’s good to go I will give first refusal to any VIP member that wants it, can take to busfest in a couple weeks or...
  12. dave_b

    Sold INKA seat covers 2+1

    Brand new. Not used. Just arrived in the post after a 6 week wait. I no longer need them. 2+1 rear waterproof seat covers. £95 with free postage.
  13. RDT

    Sold Dryrobe Front Seat Cover £30

    Dryrobe Front Seat Cover - Grey - RRP £40 Lovely fluffy seat cover, durable and water proof. Collection from JCT 40 or T6 Summer Camp, or will post foc Photo below from Dryrobe website (sorry don't have any pics of it in my van, but it fits nicely):
  14. RDT

    For Sale Turtle Seat Covers (grey) (rear 2 + 1) £50

    Turtle Seat Covers - rear 2+1 bench in Grey. Waterproof. Great seat covers, only selling as changed my set up. RRP £60.00 Collection from JCT 40 M6 or T6 Summer Camp, will post for cost. VW Volkswagen Transporter T6 Kombi 2015 Onwards Rear Seat Covers Photo below from Turtle Covers website:
  15. RDT

    For Sale Turtle Seat Covers (grey) (front pair with armrests) £40

    Turtle Seat Covers - front pair (with arm rests) in Grey. Waterproof. Great seat covers, only selling as changed my set up. RRP £50.50 Collection from JCT 40 M6 or T6 Summer Camp, will post for cost. VW Volkswagen Transporter T6 2015 Onwards Front Seat Covers Photo below from Turtle Covers...
  16. T6Paul

    Found VW seat covers 2+1

    Looking for a set of REAR 2+1 genuine VW waterproof seat covers in black for my T6 in new or as new condition please. Thanks Paul
  17. C

    Seat cover for the pull-out bed

    Hi everyone I've just bought my first T6 after having a T2 for 8 years. I was wondering if there is such a thing as a seat cover for the pull out bed when youre not using it as a bed? thanks in advance Steve
  18. milesizzit

    Sold T6 Kombi 2+1 seats for sale

    Hi, I’m selling my rear seats from my T6 Kombi 2017 model. They are a 2+1 set up, and are good as new. I purchased sportline seat covers when I bought the van, and they have been on ever since. The original cloth is immaculate! Selling as I’m converting the van to a camper. I’m based in South...
  19. B

    T6.1 Shuttle Single Seat Covers

    I am sorry to ask but in my defence I did do a search first. We have just taken delivery of a brand new T6.1 Shuttle SE. I am looking for seat covers primarily for the 2nd row of seats. This is not a bench seat but is made up of 3 individually removable seats. (sorry first VW van - can you...
  20. Jay586

    Sold Turtle Covers Urban/Grey Camo Kombi Seat Covers

    I was hoping these would fit my new van but it has airbags, so this set of covers is up for sale. Turtle Covers T6 Kombi seat covers. Fits 2 + 1 back seats and does allow the single seat to be tilted. Two single front seats, arm rests and head rests covers. In really good condition as...