seat covers

  1. Stevio

    Wanted Rear Single Sportline Waterproof Seat Cover

    Hello all, I am looking for a Sportline Single Seatcover for rear seat like in picture attached. Any help would be great! Thanks Stevie
  2. Paul Binding

    T6 recaro seat cover.

    Anybody know where I can get a seat cover/protector to fit over a T6 recaro. Needs too be easy removable as I only want to protect my drivers seat when I go fishing.
  3. J

    Passenger seatbelt not retracting when double-bench seat tilted

    Oh dear well what happened was! Bought some fantastic vinyl seat covers so I thought to make best Job of fitting I would remove seats and fit indoors. When I refitted seats back into van the seatbelt on top of passenger seat won't retract properly belt comes out and stays out.So what have I done???
  4. Sackmycook

    Wanted Oem single front passenger seat grey waterproof covers

    Any got a spare oem grey single front passenger seat waterproof cover gathering dust ? Preferably with the 2 armrests and headrest.
  5. david173

    Inka seat cover fitting??

    Fitted inka seat covers today. Are the headrest holes in the cover meant to go over the black plastic covers on the seat? There is no way the white plastic hole on the cover is big enough?! Anyone else had this?
  6. Markgf

    Fitting seat covers / skins with bulkhead in place

    I’m looking at fitting either the Inka or VeeDub Transporters leather looking seat covers. The how-to vid’s always seem to have a Kombi as the donor vehicle. Anyone know if it’s possible to fit the passenger double cover without removing the bulkhead. TIA
  7. Samro

    1+1+1 Second row seat covers

    Does anyone out there no where to buy seat covers for 1+1+1 seats for second row of seats for use with a Kombi conversion?
  8. T6180

    Wanted OEM Seat Covers

    Looking for a seat of genuine seat covers to fit 2x Captains and 2+1 rear bench seats Or any links to items would be much appreciated
  9. S

    Accessories list - seat covers.

    Hi does anyone have a Accessories list with part numbers as currently trying to find seat covers for my kombi 2018 (price list would be nice ) 1+1 front 2+1 rear it’s a mind field of numbers thanks
  10. MDS

    Which? Best seat covers?

    As title says, who can recommend a decent set of seat covers. VW rep said they haven't got part numbers for T6 ones yet. Slightly different he says including different headrest sizes. Had Vw ones in my T5 so I know they fit well. I don't want anything like the GTE leather type, just a stylish...
  11. carlg

    Sold Genuine vw waterproof front seat covers

    For sale A pair of genuine vw waterproof front captain seat covers. They come with arm rest covers, head rest covers. One has a small tear on the seam, where the threads have come out. Would easily repair with a sewing machine. Good condition £25
  12. C

    For Sale Seat skins - black / red

    High quality seat covers in black with red stitching, for two single front seats, only used once and still in original packaging. Originally cost £100 will take £50, cash on collection from Bournemouth.
  13. peteslack

    Sold T6 Kombi Seat Covers

    Set of T6 Kombi seat covers: drivers captain, twin front seat, 2 and 1 rear seat. All in excellent condition. £90 for all of them Can post for £5
  14. D

    Fitting Seat Covers With A Bulkhead

    Hi I am new to this forum. It looks like something I could have done with knowing about a couple of years ago. I have a T6 Panel Van with bulkhead and would like to get some seat covers. I am not sure whether the seats are bolted to the bulkhead as there is very little space behind them so I...
  15. A

    Crafter seat-covers for my T6? Or covers which accommodate cup-holder..

    I have a 1+2 front seat arrangement in my Transporter 2016 T32 kombi but the left-hand seat of the double has a pull down cup holder in the back and can only see Crafter seat covers that have this function... would they work in my van?
  16. simonnwt6

    Inka-Corp seat covers & seat skins (eBay)

    Ordered some tartan covers from eBay from seller inka-corp and they didn’t arrive on del day 4 days ago. Anyone else bought them and actually received them? Getting zero response msg/email/tel and still not shipped.... grrrr Seems to have sold loads so maybe someone on here has dealt with...
  17. W

    112cm Rib Seat Covers

    Hi All, There are some companies doing Rib seat covers...@ £150 :rofl: Does anyone know of any reasonably priced ones?
  18. S

    Panel-Van To Day-Van

    Started my project with help from SK Campers, Morley, Leeds. Multi use van for watersports and mtb hence the lashing point retention and rubber floor. SK have done a top job and dead easy to deal with. Bring on summer!
  19. D

    Best Waterproof Seat Covers?

    Hi guys and girls I have scanned the interweb for hours,can anybody tell me what is a good waterproof set of seat covers for my t6 .oh yes i would like yellow.thank you for your time, David
  20. Dellmassive

    Protective Seat Covers Front + Bench - How I Did It -

    Protective seat covers Front + Bench - How i did it - Not the most technical of postings today, but a good idea of what they look like if anyone else was looking to fit a set. We had the original WV OEM plane grey covers from the old T5.1, these had lasted very well for over 7 years with no...