seat belts

  1. osman

    Wanted Seat belt bolts

    Looking for couple of these lower seat belt bolts so I can add two more lashing points in the back of my t6
  2. cy294

    Torque: Seat Belt bolt - B pillar.

    In the process of replacing the cab door seal and have started to take the B pillar trim off. Any ideas what torque setting the bolt needs to go when fitting it all back? Thanks all.
  3. VinylArchie

    Connector under Drivers seat

    fitting sports raft swivels today. Passenger side took 15 minutes but when I came to do drivers side I found this wiring to the seat. Didn’t expect to find anything as I don’t have heated seats. Can anybody tell me what it is and do you think it’s safe to preserve it reading it through the axle...
  4. G

    Baby car seat questions

    Hi. We are excited new owners of a 2018 T6 highline. We have a 5 month old baby. Her current 0+ car seat goes on the front bench. The seat belt just fits round to secure it. When we change to the next car seat up, I'm worried it won't fit in the front and the seat belt will be too short. Less of...
  5. Shaggy1969

    Seat belts and MOT

    One of my rear seatbelts in my Kombi snags slightly on a shelf unit and retracts very slowly or needs retracted manually. Other than that it works as it should and locks etc when it has to. My question is whether or not this is an MOT fail? The unit can be modified so the belt works as it...
  6. Paul Binding

    Coloured seat belts

    Want to change the colour of my seat belts to Orange. Can anybody recommend someone to go to?
  7. M

    Seat Belt removal t6

    Hi guys from Italy, just got a T6 caravelle 4matic and need to remove 3d row seats ceiling seat belt extension (as will not use 3D row seats), any ideas....?
  8. G

    Seat Belts on RnR beds

    Hi could people tell what they do with their seat belt buckle on the rock and roll bed as in how do you stop them falling down the side off the bed when you change from a seat to a bed and back again?
  9. C

    Twin passenger seat seatbelt top removal

    I want to remove the plastic cover (see photo) from the seat belt guide between the two headrests of a front double passenger seat. I want to replace the original one that is scratched. I have removed the two screws on the front of the cover, but it is still firmly attached. I don’t want to...
  10. T6DSGChris

    seat belt mount cover... dark...

    anyone know where i can get one of these in dark grey/black...thats not £26 squids? only using one belt in rear nearside and against the anthracite the normal cream/light grey one looks a bit pants. VW TRANSPORTER T5 / T6 - SEAT BELT COVER CLIP TRIM - LIGHT GREY OR BLACK - NEW | eBay to show item
  11. cfdave

    rear seat belt ply cut out

    Boring question. I've just bought some seat belts to fit. Are there any set dimensions for the rear ply cut out for the seat belts tensioners. The funny shape ones. Thanks
  12. D

    Plugs Under Front Seats?

    Hello guys, just upgraded the seats and was wondering what these plugs are for on the new ones. I'm guessing airbags, but hoping heated seats.
  13. H

    Captain seat no airbag

    Hi, first post so please be gentle:) Having purchased and fitted a simora captains drivers seat I realised it doesn’t have an airbag down side. My old startline drivers seat has an airbag but no armrest. Also I don’t believe I can fit armrests to my old seat. My question is should I have...
  14. P

    Sold 2017 T6 KOMBI SWB rear seats & interior fittings

    Triple removable seat with seat belts included also floor mat with tie down points and seat rails ready to convert a van to a kombi. Removed whilst converting to camper collection only Cardiff thanks for looking £895
  15. 1460aaron

    Sold Genuine Volkswagen T6 Rear 2+1 Simora Kombi Seats.

    Hi guys I am currently in the process of converting my Kombi to camper, so these seats are surplus to requirement! £800 - Location - Derby Genuine Volkswagen T6 Rear 2+1 Simora Kombi Seats. Including; Pillar - B-Post Seatbelts Floor Seat Brackets Rear Kombi mat (Twin slider) Lashing Points...
  16. Lynvinge

    Fit Rear Seatbelt In Transporter

    Hello. Im going to fit rear seats and seatbelts in my 06 Transporter T5 (WV1ZZZ7H) Do i need reinforcement where the belt rollers should be mounted? 2nd and 3rd row. Than the reinforcement to seat brackets. I will have 2+1 in 2nd row. what reinforcement shold i have at the middle? In the 3rd row...
  17. T5MarkyBoy

    Best Place For Some Second Row Seat Belts?

    After the two for the C-Pillars Van to Kombi I actually have the drivers side one but seems to have reeled it’s way in too far to get out ✌
  18. Adam_T6

    Kombi Conversion - Seatbelt Measurement Please?

    Hello, Is anybody in the position to measure this distance, but on the drivers side please?
  19. M

    Seat Buckle Casing Broken

    At some point in the clumsy removal of the 2+1 rear seats I've somehow broken the casing of the seat belt buckle of the single seat. Two pieces of plasic sandwich together. I've one half but lost the other. Would these parts the orderable from VW? Given how tight the 2+1 sests are to each other...
  20. F

    Ply Lining Rear Quarters New Panel Van

    hello, I’ve had a search but couldn’t find the answer. When I panelled my T5 the rear quarters had fixing holes around the top rear quarter. My new T6 hasn’t any holes, so what are people doing? Many thanks Ben