seat belts

  1. H

    Seatbelt recoiler unit rattle

    I have a transporter T6 & the passenger side seat belt (the lower unit that coils the belt up seems to developed a rattle inside . Has anybody had this issue?
  2. J

    LWB 4th row seat belts

    Hello, Can Someone please share some knowledge- where and how the seat belts for the fourth row are bolted? I can't find this anywhere. Is there any custom bracket welded? Looking at the parts catalog, some belts described that they are for cars with a rear blower. Attached photo of them...
  3. T

    Wanted Transporter kombi t6.1 2+1 rear seats /belts/brackets/ floormat

    Wanted t6.1 full kombi set up, rear seats , seatbelts , brackets, floor mat ( single slider) preferably 2+1 set up , would consider 1+1+1 but not a triple bench and ideally in bricks fabric, if anyone has anything ?
  4. vwadventure

    Sold T6.1 SWB Kombi Seat Belts

    Various items for sale due to van undergoing full conversion Two Rear Seat belts - £120 ONO. Collection or can post for £10 See my other posts for VW Kombi Factory Rear Insulated load mat for T6/T6.1 SWB twin slider. Complete with full set of cargo strap points and plastic seat bracket...
  5. VioletVW

    Third row seatbelts install.

    Hi, Does anyone have photos of the third row seatbelt mounting points? I'll soon be adding the belts and if I could see how everything is bolted in then I would feel more confident when doing the job. I'm aware that my kombi has the threads for the belts (see below) but I also have seat belt...
  6. I

    Sold T6 Kombi 2+1 Seats with all fixings & seat belts £700 No Floor

    Original VW T6 transporter Kombi 2nd row double and single folding seat. Middle row ‘double’ seat + Single seat for a VWTransporter, finished in Simora fabric. These seats are in excellent ‘used’ condition, from a 2019 low mileage vehicle which I am converting into a camper. Complete with...
  7. W

    Replacement seat belt

    I replaced the single rear seats for a T6 roll flat bench seat that I found 2nd hand. One of the seat belts smells like death pr mouse urine and all attempts to steam or chemical solvent cleaner have failed. Has anyone found a company that can replace the entire seat belt mechanism?
  8. A

    Sold T6 Rear Kombi 3 Seat Bench + Floor, Brackets, Seat Belts. £450

    Selling a complete set-up for a Kombi. 3 Bench Seat, Rubber Flooring, Brackets and Seatbelts Great Condition, took them out when I converted to a camper, I think the previous owner never had them in the van as he used it as a work van. £450 ono. Based just south of Aberdeen
  9. VioletVW

    Third row seatbelt part-number

    Hi all, I recently picked up some third row belts for my van, but one of the belts is missing the triangular (or pentagonal) top bolt cover as shown below. Does anyone know what this part number maybe so I can get one ordered? Cheers.
  10. RyanT6

    Found T6.1 rear kombi 2+1 seats, belts and flooring

    Looking for rear seats preferably from a kombi in brick pattern would like the floor belts and panels too if possible. Thank you 07850693532
  11. CamperBadger

    Number of seats vs. seat belts

    Hello, A legal question. I have a T6 with two belted seats in the rear (the bed bench). I realise it is very ill-advised to carry three passengers on this bench as one would be without a seatbelt. But is it illegal? CB
  12. L

    What is the part number Ineed for this seat belt?

    I need to replace this seat belt from the front passenger seat, what part number do I need from the pictures? Is it 7H0 857 805 K Thanks.
  13. L

    Found Seatbelt NSF

    Wanted, front passenger side seatbelt, I have manage to splatter weld on mine:D
  14. SamD

    Twin seat with integrated seatbelts

    Hi, I'm probably looking for a needle in a haystack but i would like to fit some seats in the back of my van that will work with the U shaped interior remaining in place, i need a twin seat set up with integrated seatbelts and double isofix that's also then removable so we can store it in the...
  15. abunnyuk

    Sold Rear (3rd row) seat belts

    Pair of 3rd row seat belts that came out of my Shuttle. Looking for £100. Related to T6 Rear Bench Seat + Brackets and I finally found the safe place I put them in :D Collection from Leeds would be ideal and I can drop them off if you're local, otherwise I can provide an estimate for postage.
  16. H

    Third row seatbelts removal.

    I’d like to remove the third-row seatbelts from my Kombi, anyone got any tips?
  17. B

    For Sale Kombi rear seat belts

    T6 Kombi SWB rear seat belts. T6 rubber flooring - 2 + 1 seat set up. See new dedicated thread. Available end of Jan / Early February. Awaiting confirmation of conversion date. Based in Buckinghamshire. Sensible offers only please.
  18. hatjoepeg

    Safety belt stuck

    The middle seat belt (front) is stuck. I fitted the hinge for this seat some while ago but now the belt will not release so that it can be used. I had the seat cover off today but there is a big plastic cover over the mechanism. I can just about wiggle the reel of the seat belt but cant seem to...
  19. The Ham

    For Sale rear offside seat belt

    I have the seat belt from the seat behind the driver,C pillar? van is single slider if that makes a difference. comes with bolts/fixings. reasonable offer will be accepted. happy to post at cost.
  20. H

    Can anyone identify this part please?

    Hi, I am having rear seats installed in my T6.1 and looking to source the lower thin grey ply-like trim which hides the lower part of the seat belt. Can anyone identify the part name as circled in green in the attached image please? I have tried loads of 'lower b pillar seat belt trim' terms but...