scottish isles

  1. G

    Wheel bearing replacement cost

    Always when you go away. Rear wheel bearing needs replacing and I'm on the Isle of Uist. Could hear it gradually getting worse and now don't fancy the long drive home with it. Found a garage in the island and they are replacing tomorrow. Fingers crossed should be ok to get home then. How much...
  2. Markymark

    Outer Hebrides

    Thought some folks here might be interested in going to the Scottish Islands. If so, here is some info on our recent trip to Outer Hebrides, Skye, Mull and Arran Rather than list it all out you can find where we went and photos in attached link: Things I learnt it...
  3. P

    Outer Hebrides Summer Trip

    Hi All, Could do with a bit of advice... Booked a ferry from Oban for the 26th And back to Ullapool about a week later. Found loads of places to stay on the Uists but not much on Harris or Lewis. Anyone done this trip that has advice about where to / not to stay and which beaches are good...