satin black

  1. VW Cantera - front

    VW Cantera - front

    T28 camper conversion lowered on KW ST-X coilovers with Cantera 255/45/19
  2. VW Cantera - rear

    VW Cantera - rear

    T28 camper conversion lowered on KW ST-X coilovers with Cantera and a 20mm spacer on the rear running 255/45/19 Goodyear Eagle F1’s.
  3. Northern Monkey

    Sold Black satin sportline wheels £550

    Reposting these as I’ve had no word off the fella who said he would buy them, original sportlines powder coated satin black eagle F1 tyres. 2 are about 2/3 mm the others are 3/4mm All mint no damage 255/45/18 so good for T32 the Center caps are shot but are covered in orange vinyl. dropping...
  4. andy greenwood

    Gloss black, satin or matte alloys?

    We are getting our diamond cut alloys powder coated on monday. Our campervan is white so we decided on gloss black. I am slightly undecided though as im drawn to satin black too. Whats peoples though on this...which would look best on a white van..gloss / satin or matt ?
  5. M

    Changing sidebars to black?

    Just wondered, if I go for black side bars - are they powder coated and therefore fairly easy to scratch the paint off ? Does anybody know / experienced ? Thank you.
  6. Dene Olley

    Sportline Wheels repainted matte black.

    After trawling the internet for nearly 3 weeks trying to find a suitable replacement set of 18 inch wheels to replace my Wolfrace Assassins that came on my van, now dont get me wrong the Assassins are a nice wheel but just not my type. After not being able to my mind up so many times I was...