roof rails

  1. Andysmee

    For Sale New VW OEM Roof Rails SWB

    I forgot to cancel my order with VW and they would like to charge me 20% to restock these roof rails, so I'm going to pick them up tomorrow. They were on back order and still like hen's teeth so thought I would offer here before putting them on ebay. No pics yet, but they are the OEM (Omtec)...
  2. N

    Sold T6 SWB Roof Rails

    Roof rails in good condition - slight scratch to top surface but not visible from below. £20 - collection only - near Aberdeen.
  3. A

    Roof rail and cross bar recommendation:

    Looking for some advice please: I would like to install some black roof rails and cross bars - to which I will mount my solar panel, therefore I’d like the cross bars to be straight. Recomend away please
  4. Nevtiger

    T6 Roof Rail for Drive Away Awning - any recommendations or views on the options?

    We have decided to buy a drive away awning to make things a little easier when away - so far so good. The van has a pop top and no awning rail. I have been looking at the options and i see i could go with the following: Fiamma Wind out awning F45 which also has a C Channel. Im not overly...
  5. Timmsy72

    For Sale Roof Rails - Black and Chrome Side Bars (Leighton Vans)

    Hi all I've just sold my SWB 6.1 Kombi (boo) but am collecting my 5.1 LWB Caravelle on Tuesday (hooray), this means that my roof rails and side bars don't fit anymore! I put them on in July 2020 and they have all fittings apart from the grommets that always break (I've been told that LV will...
  6. johnmacster

    Sold VW Roof Rails - Black

    My poptop is now installed so I am selling on a set of black roof bars for a T6 SWB van. These were fitted by VW Liverpool in June 2019 when I bought the van (new). Few minor scratches along the top of the bars, but these cannot be seen anyway unless you are above the van. £50 Collection...
  7. Sackmycook

    Roof mount point thread has moved !

    So, whilst attaching the roofbars, one of the thread receptors has moved away from the hole on the van roof and now it's impossible to either get the roofbar bolt to screw in or the threaded cover to go back on. Anyone got any suggestions? Thinking I might have to bond the cover screen back on.
  8. robbiebrown34

    Roof bars, boxes and other external storage solutions

    Hi Everying. I've got a detachable towbar on my T6 conversion and I want to use it for a little extra storage but I'm torn between various solutions and wondered if anyone has any advice/gotchas before I take the plunge. Basically we're going away for almost 3 weeks at the end of August and...
  9. C

    Roof rails for a ‘poptoproofs’ pop top

    Hi all, I’m a new member having been directed here to get an answer to my roof rail issue so I hope I’m getting all this right! I’m looking to carry a paddle board & surf board on my pop top roof and can’t find a conversation covered previously on this specific roof. I have been told that using...
  10. Ann3x

    Roof rails and HiLo pop-tops

    I want to fit roof rails to my HiLo. Mainly so I can mount a replaceable solar panel between 2 bars but perhaps some lighter carry duties in the future too. As low profile as possible would be good. Anyone fitted rails to a HiLo? Which did you go with?
  11. I

    Teahupoo Roof Rails:

    Does anyone know what roof rails are fitted onto their 2019 build T6 vans? and what the safe loading of this roof is? Messaged Teahupoo only to find their Customer Aftermarket Support is non-existent.
  12. jimc91

    Shore Vans - Roof Rails

    Hi, Has anyone bought roof rails from Shore Vans - was wondering on the quality as they seem a good price
  13. The Van Cave

    Found SWB Satin Black Roof Guide Rails

    Hi All, I'm looking for some of the hidden/flush fitting type roof rails that VW call guide rails. Looking to get a hard kayak to replace an inflatable and it's too long to go in the van so it has to go on top. I'm not interested in fitting normal roof rails, I want these hidden ones. That way...
  14. Mick Robson

    For Sale LWB silver roof bars

    I have just replaced these with black ones purely for aesthetic reasons only, in very good condition. They look identical to the ones I have just purchased from Van Style, these were on the van when I bought it.. £35 collection only as the box is huge. Im in Bristol area
  15. C

    Small rust patch from roof rails

    Hi, My van looks to have had roof rails in a past life and I have this small piece of corrosion, and have been quoted £410 to treat and spray is that expensive given the size is so small?.. Thanks
  16. neilfagan

    Roof rail for a Westdubs roof

    hi everyone - first post to this Forum !! We have only just got our newly converted T6. It has a Westdubs pop up roof but I would really like to be able to put the kayak on the roof. Has anyone put roof rails or roof rack on this type of roof yet as would love to know the best option. thanks,
  17. S

    Sold California Roof Panel for Solar Panel

    Hi All, I have a metal powder coated panel which bolts directly onto the California roof for a solar panel (see photo). Ideal if you don’t want to stick a panel directly to the roof. I purchased the panel from a company in Switzerland where it wasn’t clear this wasn’t the right product for my...
  18. 911dude

    Sold SWB T6 black roof bars as new 75kg loading Omtec brand £50

    Brand new SWB T6 black roof bars. Never been fitted with original box and instructions. 75kg loading. Was sent these by mistake as we have a LWB so these won't fit my van. Collection preferred from Stoke on Trent. Omtec brand. These are stronger than usual roof bars with nearly double the...
  19. Leigh

    Part number: roof rails?

    Was pleasantly surprised that the VW Genuine Roof Rails are only £80. Was not happy to pay £150 for the cross bars that fit onto them though. So my question is - Can you fit aftermarket Cross Bars Onto Genuine VW rails? If so does anyone know which make Thanks
  20. 1275MIN

    Roof-rail solar panel vendors?!/Alu-Montageplatte-Schwarz-für-den-T5-T6-California/p/125685103/category=0 For a solar panel, the frame should slip in under the side roof rails.