roof rails

  1. Cnud

    Sold LWB Omtec OEM Alloy Roof Rails and 4 Aero Bars Black

    Black OEM alloy roof bars made by Omtec with 4 Aerobars with gutter spacers to fit a LWB T6 Comes with stainless upgraded threaded bar and nylocs for rust free fastening. £50 collected from Notts NG13
  2. S

    Wanted Roof rail blanking caps

    Anyone know where I can get one of the blanking caps there are 4 of on the top of the roof rail bolts? Thanks
  3. E

    Roof rail troubles

    So got some roof rails which were good but I wanted to put all our kayaks on top and they seemed a little flexible. (Mine have the small gap in the middle support). I decided to get some better ones and found a van type site that had the ones with a solid base and were tuv rated and went up to...
  4. JonriceT6

    Sold Roof bars and cross bars; Rubber floor

    Due to having my van (t6.1) converted I have a set of black roof bars (vw) and a pair of cross bars (flat aero version) for sale. I also have a VW factory rubber flooring. Open to offers for any of it. Thanks
  5. GONA66

    FREE Chrome roof rails.

    Pair of chrome roof rails to fit SWB T6 complete with fixings and rubber pads. purchaser must collect.......if somebody would like to give me £10 as a gesture ,i will donate it to one of my charities.... They are in VGC.
  6. williecba

    I have omtec 1453 roof rails but no instructions so which is left and which is right?

    I have omtec 1453 roof rails but no instructions as to which is left and which is right? I can't find any instructions online. The rails are asymetric and I notice that one has the numbers 1 and 2 underneath the end caps and one has numbers 3 and 4 but nowhere does it state left or right. I am...
  7. M

    T6 Front nearside Roof plug internal thread missing.

    Hi, new to the forum if anyone could be of help. I have some OMTEC roof rails to fit on my T6 but upon removing the roof plugs the front nearside internal thread is missing there is just a hole in the roof with no thread below. Am I correct in assuming that the thread must have come unattached...
  8. Paint

    Sold Chrome round roof rails open to offers would like them to be reused

    These are still on my 19 plate but pop top being fitted next month so looking for a new home
  9. Amymax18

    Wanted Lwb roof rails

    Looking for a set of roof rails, for a long wheel base van. Ideally collection from somewhere in Central Scotland. Thanks
  10. Gaz Lee

    200kg roof rails...

    Hi All thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm looking for some roof rails that can handle around 200kgs. I have a lwb shuttle and I want to put a roof top tent on it. The tent is 36kgs but then obviously the weight of myself and partner would be added to it. I don't want a commercial...
  11. K

    FREE LWB Roof Rails

    Free to a good home, took them off and have been sat in the yard through winter so will need a bit of TLC.
  12. Woodman

    For Sale LWB Black Powder Coated Roof Rails (One Piece) - VW T5 T6

    Hi Pop top going on next week so have removed my roof bars. Less than a year old. Never had anything on them. £40 buyer to collect from Colchester. cheers
  13. F

    Sold LWB Roof rails

    LWB Roof rails, removed due to fitting a pop top and sat in Garage taking up room. Open to offers if can be collect from Newcastle Upon Tyne
  14. F

    Are Roof rails permanent?

    Hi im looking for a van and discard any that have roof bars fitted, that got me thinking can they be removed? so that the roof wont leak rust etc or once fitted is that them fitted for life cheers
  15. Mwcard

    LWB Pop top (west dubs) roof rails and roof bars

    Hi all, When I searched the internet a while ago for pop top roof rail options I couldn't find all that much so I thought I'd share what I have done with mine. The pop top is from West Dubs, LWB version. I was able to drill through the drainage channel section of the pop top, which is about...
  16. X

    Which? roof rails for a T6?

    Hi guys. Just got my original VW roof rails. The fitting looks simple enough but in the box there are what looks like 6 black plastic spacers, not the rubber gaskets. these plastic spacer like bits don't seem to fit into the rails anywhere. Any idea what they might be for or there they go...
  17. S

    DST roof Rails

    Has Any one used the DST roof bars. Gets mixed reviews.
  18. V

    Sold Roof rails - new. Delivery miles T6.1

    New. Taken off upon delivery. All fixings included. £100 for a quick sale
  19. Andysmee

    Sold New VW OEM Roof Rails SWB

    I forgot to cancel my order with VW and they would like to charge me 20% to restock these roof rails, so I'm going to pick them up tomorrow. They were on back order and still like hen's teeth so thought I would offer here before putting them on ebay. No pics yet, but they are the OEM (Omtec)...
  20. N

    Sold T6 SWB Roof Rails

    Roof rails in good condition - slight scratch to top surface but not visible from below. £20 - collection only - near Aberdeen.