1. Steved55

    RNS315 and PDC compatibility

    Can't find a definitive answer to this - I have a t6 with front and rear park assist but only a basic dab head unit. Will a Vw rns315 head unit with sat nav work ok in my van? Thanks Steve
  2. E

    RNS 510 minimum version for camera

    Hello! I've got a rather old RNS 510, and foolishly didn't check all software versions before I purchased an OEM low-line reversing camera. I've plugged it in, coded my head unit with VCDS (including OPS, so coding os done ok), the camera screen comes on when I switch into reverse, but I get a...
  3. J


    Has anyone fitted the RNS315DAB to their T6? Or is it too dated for the T6 now? My T6 Composition headunit has packed up and need something to replace it with.. Not too fused on what but it needs to be DAB..