ring dc/dc

  1. S

    Ring RSCDC30 & AC Charger - ok to connect?

    Hi, has anybody fitted an rscdc30 to a t6 and wired in an AC battery charger to the leisure battery via electric hookup? I have contacted Ring and they don't recommend it, but wondered if anybody had done it and had any issues?
  2. Jack T

    Starlight LWB Camper Build

    Hi all, I thought it was about time I posted up some info on the build of my T6. Me and the better half have been researching/wanting a T5/6 for a number of years. So after much searching the spec I wanted came up at the right price in late 2017 and a deal was done...
  3. Jollyvan

    Ring DC/DC Set up

    Has anyone else had problems setting up RingRSCDC30? T6 highline 130 with 110ah AGM leisure battery. I have set the unit as per instructions Bulk 14.6, Float 13.6, Cut Off 12.2, Cut In 12.7. Everything works fine with the engine running it charges the leisure battery but as soon as I switch off...
  4. S

    Ring RSCDC30 - bulk charge, float mode and voltage drop?

    Hi everyone. First off, I'll tentatively stick my head above the parapet and whisper that I do not own a VW! I actually have a self build Iveco but have found myself lurking on the forum and reading opinions and thoughts on the Ring B2B charger, and intelligent alternators :) So I've now...
  5. I

    Fitting a Ring DC-DC

    Hi guys OK so new van arrived yesterday and I've removed both the factory swivels to have a weigh up was thinking 110 banner battery under passengers with the ring 30 amp b2b under the drivers leaving enough room for incoming eberspacher pipes for a underbody install i notice there is a...