1. VioletVW

    Recall - fuse for electric slider on my May 2022 kombi.

    My van was in with VW Swansea earlier today for a front assist fault. When I arrived they mentioned that there is a new recall on vans made at the certain time. The recall is due to the wrong size fuse being used. I can't quite remember exactly but the fuse is linked to the sliding door...
  2. B

    Worry letter about possible T6 recalls

    Hi all. I’m pretty now to this forum, so I hope newbie courtesy applies. I recently bought a 2017 T6 from a VW Used/Approved dealer who supplied the van with a 12-month VW warranty. But a couple of weeks after the purchase I received an email asking me to sign a document. Apparently, it was a...
  3. L

    Caravelle Owners - Continental ContiEcoContact 235/55/r17 103 safety recall

    Spotted this on FB and thought it was worth sharing on here. Continental ContiEcoContact 5 tyres which were fitted to Aracaju wheels on Multivan and Caravelle models are being replaced FOC by Continental. If the tyres are OE then the replacements are being done through the VWCV dealer network...
  4. D

    VIN not on Recall Service Campaign lookup

    Anyone else’s VIN not accepted by the Recall Service look up system? Recall / Service Campaign Lookup
  5. C

    Recall Notice 91Z5

    Just had a recall notice delivered by post to day. was waiting for me when I got home. Any one any ideas what it’s for ? 91Z5 it’s a 2018 Caravelle 204 DSG Exec ? Thanks
  6. Loz

    Safety Recall T6.1 vans Driver's door Bowden cable.

    safety recall (57H5) and this applies to all T6.1 vans. An issue with driver's door Bowden cable at low temperatures.
  7. dnoermann

    Recall Of Non Series Models From 2007 - 2018

    Hallo to all. In Germany for some Weeks people are getting letters from VW because of a Recall of their Busses. Theese are always Pre Series Models (T5, T5 GP and T6) which have been sold "illegally" because VW is not shure what was inside the car. (Pre Series Firmware, Pre Series Hardware...
  8. toonaroon

    Cam Belt Re-call

    Having had my 2017 t32 150ps kombi in for a re call last week, I was told that the cam belt that is fitted is OK, THIS BELT IS A DAYCO BELT, the other one which apparently is at fault I do not know, they were a bit reluctant to tell me!!! It was only by chance that I phoned them and they told...
  9. James1000

    T6 Cambelt Tensioner Recall

    I came across this post elsewhere and having just been in for the adblue top up nothing was said to me. Does anyone have any experience of this
  10. Mr blue

    Vw Recall Website ?

    hi all is there a Vw website to check if your van needs /has any recalls ? I’ve found one for cars but it doesn’t recognise commercials ?
  11. alter

    Recall… AdBlue

    ..I received a letter from VW ... recall 23Z7 ... engine control unit update due to excess nitrogen oxides during regeneration of the particulate filter, my engine is the 2.0 150hp of 2017 .... do you know anything? ....
  12. mmi

    Recall - Crankcase breather hose

    Reference id: 2 1 G 6 Selected T6's based on build date. Breather hose from crankcase to turbocharger air intake will be replaced with a new one which has a redesigned heating element. Possible ice buildup in the hose when intake air is very cold. Ice sucked into turbocharger might cause...
  13. T

    Software Upgrade... EGR FAULT

    Hi My T6 Shuttle 150 is 11 months old and has covered 10k and I've just had it in for an oil and filter change. On collection I was told I needed to book it in for a software upgrade and to have the EGR looked at as a fault was showing on the diagnostics, although no warnings had come up on the...