power magic pro

  1. osman

    Power magic pro for blackvue cameras wiring question .

    Hi I’ve had my blackvue cameras ( front and rear ) and the power magic pro running connected to my leisure battery now for ages … most of the time I’ve been happy with it . however I’ve only just really noticed that it doesn’t over ride being off when the van is running . In other words if it’s...
  2. Keepad

    Power Magic Pro Location

    Hi all, Can anyone advise on possible locations to fit an Power magic pro please? I don't really want the box in view but I would need to access it as required.
  3. S

    Dashcam: Blackvue vs Thinkware

    Hello again. So, I think we may have a completely addicted family (which might be a good thing). I set my husband the task of finding a company who will install a Ghost security system and he has... ... but they also do dashcams. Front and rear. They have a few different different options...
  4. osman

    Using A Leisure Battery To Power A Dash Cam In Parking Mode

    Am I missing something? so much talk out there about using dash cams for recording whilst parked and worries about it draining the engines battery.. companies like blackvue charging £350 for a spare battery to keep the dashcams running without disastrously draining the engines starting...
  5. Hactus

    Blackvue Dashcam Install

    Thought I would post a few photos of the Blackvue cameras that I fitted in the Kombi at the weekend. I have the Blackvue 650s 2-Channel Cameras and a Power Magic Pro which I mounted in the passenger footwell. I brought the power cable across from the fuse panel and up the passenger side...