1. jonathan123

    Pirelli CINTURATO P7 tyres

    Anyone had any experience using Pirelli`s CINTURATO P7 tyres 255/45/R19 104. Looking for a good summer load rated tyre to use on a new set of 19" alloys. Had a search on the fourm but cant see anyone speaking about these tyres so far. cheers
  2. stupot

    Tread lifting on tyres

    Hi All, my T32 204 4motion DSG (bought recently) is in having some bits looked at including a couple of vibrations/noises. Seems one is the flywheel (waiting for extended warranty claim to be approved). The tech in the video from the dealer is saying the tyre treads are lifting and this might be...
  3. R8N XX

    Cuts in tyres causing cord to snap

    Well I went for a drive last Saturday. van starts vibrating violently. Stopped hopwood Services in brum this happened. NSR changed over to spare. on way home to Devon. same happened to the NSF. hows ya luck eh.
  4. T

    Pirelli Tyres

    Have a chance of some 275/40/20 106Y would these rub and what kind of ride do they give there going on some Range Rover overfinch rims or would 275/35/20 be better this is on a T30
  5. Salty Spuds

    Pirelli’s Splitting

    Not quite T6 related but could be relevant. Our other vehicle is a 17plate Skoda Yeti, took it in for its first MOT today & it failed. All 4 tyres are cracked & the canvas & steel threads are showing. They’ve done 12k miles & are the original tyres that came with the car. They still have 5-6mm...
  6. Fish

    Sold 275/35/20 P-zero

    Used but hardly used.. think they have covered maybe 300miles.. Havent got tread measured yet as away but can do on request.. 4 x 275/35/20 Pirelli P-Zero £400.00 (+delivery or forum delivery service). Edit: local tyre garage gauged them between 6/7mm.