1. L

    Barn-door taillight pinout

    Hi I’m looking to fit these to my t5.1, I know the wiring is different to them I’ve tried online to find the correct wiring for the plugs but can’t. Would anyone have a diagram or know the correct colours to the pins Thanks steven
  2. D

    Discover media rear connections

    Hi Can anyone help me with identifying the connections on the back of the discover media unit. There are 4 colour coded (pink, black blue and yellow) aerial type connections and a 4 pin connection which I think might be for the usb. Reason for the question is I am trying to fit a Kenwood 9720...
  3. A

    How to de-pin a connector

    I’m in the process of installing a swivel base under my passenger double seat. As I’ve got factory fitted heated seats I’ve bored out the central bolt which the swivel seat pivots around. I’ve come to de-pin the connector so that I can both extend the wires and route them through the bolt, but...
  4. C

    T5.1 and t6.1 headlight pin outs

    Hi, Can anyone provide me the headlight pin outs for t6.1 and t5.1. I am doing a t5.1 to t6.1 facelift, using standard t6.1 no led headlights. Does anyone know if it is a simple case of plug and play? I’ve trawled through forum but couldn’t find a basics pin out for either t5.1 or t6.1 ie...
  5. B.different

    Who to make a t6.1 tail light loom

    Hi all I'm currently doing a T6.1 conversion on a T5.1 caravelle. The last part that I need to get is a rear light loom to convert mine to a 6.1. My question is does anyone know if you can buy a loom or is there anyone that could be recommend to make one?
  6. Adams

    New T6.1 Tail lamps

    Just fitted the new T6.1 rear lights, these are the barn door version and unfortunately not available in LED but still look cool. fit is a direct swap, just requires a few pin changes
  7. K

    Tailgate Conversion: Help With Rear Light Wiring

    Hi all I am carrying out a tailgate conversion and need some help with wiring the rear lights. Does anyone know which colour wires go in each pin? I'm using standard caravelle lights not LEDs. Thanks in advance
  8. Loz

    T6 Discover Media connector block pinouts 2017-05-29

    A section from the workshop manual detailing the pinout for the media unit.
  9. C

    [GUIDE] Head unit removal and rear speaker wiring

    I have fitted rear speakers and have run the cables through under the cab floor and they are currently dangling through fuse box access panel at the moment. I shall (hopefully) get them connected tomorrow but first I'll need to remove the head unit (Discover sat-nav). Any pointers or tips on how...