parking morons

  1. K

    Irresponsible Parking.

    I ended up on this site tonight : Glen Etive the Dirty Truth That is one depressing picture, and from my own experience it's not just Glen Etive. I also know it's not just vans, it's allsorts - the problem (apart from the littering) is that responsible van owners and campers will get tarred...
  2. moomin-j

    Gotta Respect The Parking?

    Took the young ‘un and his mate for a Maccie D’s this afternoon at Jct 29A M1, Duckmanton and came across a fellow T6er looking after his pride and joy. Gotta respect his parking? Anyone on here?
  3. Olly T6

    Parking Wtaf!!!

    Parked right over the other side of Morrison’s and this f***ing imbecile has parked next to my wife, wtf is wrong with some people? Rant over...... thank fook it’s nearly beer day
  4. Dieseldonkey

    Defensive Parking- Are You For Real?

    When I'm on earlies I'm usually fortunate enough to get a parallel parking space rather than a bay, in what becomes a busy car park, as the day goes on. Prefer here as it stops folk smacking their door off my van. However, returned to the van only to find this. Not one for being derogatory...