parcel shelf

  1. L

    Rear Shelf

    Hi All, Looking for some advice/options/ I'm after a rear shelf for my T6 Kombi SWB. so when i close the boot (Tailgate) i have two levels in the rear. One of which would then be covered for valuables. only thing is i also have a bulkhead installed to seperate the back from the seats. Is there...
  2. E

    Is It A Rear Parcel Shelf Or Bed

    Got to love this forum, so much infomation to be had thank you Mr T6 forum owner and the Admin who run it. I needed a parcel shelf that would cover my tools and stop then being seen from outside, but it also need to allow me access to the tools when working from the van... after a bit of...
  3. Dicko24

    Surfers / Watersports Enthusiasts - How Do You Store Equipment In The Rear?!

    Looking for examples of how people are storing boards and equipment in the rear, and still having space for other items. I have a Kombi for reference. Seen on another thread some people using these: Kombi Beds for Camper Vans But at £900, I'd rather make my own. Any pictures or ideas most...
  4. .50

    Parcel Shelf Prototype Complete.

    Finally got a bit of time today to construct a parcel shelf for behind the second row of seats in my kombi. I believe, ( and certainly in my case ), that this area is pretty dead space, even when loaded up for a trip. The shelf will alloy the rear passengers, ( my kids ), to have somewhere...
  5. Olly T6

    Parcel Shelf!......

    god knows how many times I’ve put this into google search! Let’s see em guys, I’ve seen the forty winks beds/parcel shelf’s I just can’t spend over £400 on somthing that really is over priced! I don’t wanna use wood and make a very home made looking thing, so let’s see what’s about guys? Cheers Olly