1. andrew2767

    Coleman Camp Oven

    Does anyone have a Coleman pack-away oven. If so, how do you get on with it? and what heat source are you using? Link to product on amazon.co.uk
  2. C

    Oven And Hob Combo..... Anyone Got One?

    I made a trip to CamperKings yesterday and was blown away by their new "Portofino" model. It's only at the demo stage but is stunning! It has something like this:- Dometic MoonLight Three | Dometic LPG cookers : Spinflo Triplex LPG hob, oven and grill Does anyone out there have a similar unit in...
  3. N

    Smev Mini Grill 555 - yes or no?

    Hi all, I'm booked in to have my T6 converted in the next few weeks and I had asked my converter to include a Smev Mini grill. Since then I've read a couple of negative comments about these grills saying they don't get hot enough to be usable so I'm now wondering if I should still include one...
  4. MartyMoose

    Campervan oven and / or grill?

    Just debating whether to fit an oven and/or grill to my camper. Will it need to be vented to outside? Any other pros or cons or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.