1. A

    Diesel Night-heater hot air outlet

    Hi, I have a 2018 T6 and I’m installing a diesel heater externally, under the drivers seat area. With a leisure battery (& chargers etc.) installed under the drivers seat, where should I have the hot air from the heater coming in the van? I’ve seen some conversions with the hot air vent coming...
  2. S

    Night Heater Advice - inlet and outlet

    Hello, Been a while since i've last posted but was wondering if i could ask advice. Im thinking of doing a heater install DIY, looking at airtop2000..differences between Web/Eber seem minimal.. We have a LHD T6 lwb with slider on the RHS of the vehicule. Awning will therefore be on the RHS...
  3. tim_T6

    Replacing 12v Constant with Ignition Live?

    I've got a dash cam to install in my T6, it's a fairly simple system, receives power from a 12v source, and turns on/starts recording when it receives power, and turns off when it doesn't. Unfortunately I found out this morning that both 12v ports in the cabin are constant live, meaning the...