northern ireland

  1. ChrisBell

    Auto electrician - N/Ireland [Resolved]

    Anyone know of or could recommend auto electrician in Northern Ireland? Decided once and for all as great as Noco GBX75 is.... Using everytime in van to start it is no longer practical or sensible. Thinking I have now used / ruined a battery in a year due to constantly draining. Ford's response...
  2. S

    VCDS users in Northern Ireland

    Anyone in NI who can use VCDS, looking towbar coded???
  3. S

    Northern Ireland with a dog

    Eh up folks has anyone been over to NI since Brexit with there dog ? If so did you have papers checked or did they let you in no issue .I’m getting conflicting advice on this some people have paid for all papers and never had them checked. cheers folks
  4. B

    Hello from Northern Ireland

    Hello, just joined the T6 club last Thursday and very excited. Never had a van before so all new to me. Got a panel van converted to kombi, added side and rear windows, removed bulkhead and added bench seat. Will be used for family days out and also as a van. Work in vinyl flooring so any...
  5. S

    Bilstein B14s Fitting In Northern Ireland

    hi guys, So been scouring this forum, (absolute legend who started this ) have got my wheels and have decided on lowering my van with B14s and just wondering does anyone know anywhere good to bring my t6 here in Northern Ireland Cheers
  6. B

    Insurance Companies That Cover Northern Ireland

    Hi guys I'm only new to the forum and need some help I've just bought my first van i will be picking it up next week it's a professional conversation with all the certificates but the v5 was never changed to campervan i phoned my insurance company yesterday to see about changing over the...
  7. J4son1971

    Agnew Van Centre - Northern Ireland

    Firstly, i’m not associated in any way with Agnew or VW. I know many of you may not want to buy such an expensive item at distance without seeing in person but I just wanted to say what a great experience it was buying my new (pre reg Oct ‘18) T6 DSG Kombi from Agnew in NI. I bought this based...