1. G12RYX

    Wheel Alignment - NorthEast

    Hi everyone. Van was serviced last week and on the report they listed my tyres as being at 3-4mm. They are only 3k miles old so I was quite concerned. Took it to Kwik Fit and they confirmed that all four wheels are out in some way since lowering it. Now to my problem.... I can’t seem to...
  2. Kevwkevw


    So a couple of weeks ago I decided to get my van detailed, 3 year ceramic coating including full prep paint correction, machine polish etc at a cost of £600 I decided to use this company as I seen 2 cars they coated where I work, however this was a brand new defender and a year old e class with...
  3. J_Con19

    T6 parking Newcastle

    Possibly taking my new (to me) transporter down to Newcastle next week, staying at the jury's Inn not far from the train station.. Can anyone recommend somewhere that is transporter friendly?
  4. K

    Hunter Wheel Alignment Teesside/north Yorkshire

    Any recommendations for places that can do a hunter 4 wheel alignment and know what they're doing?
  5. O

    Front Parking Sensors & Rev Camera

    Morning all, first post here ;-) Still looking for our ideal Kombi, might have found one but it has not front sensors or reversing camera. Can anyone tell me aprox what these would cost to get fitted and any where in the North East that can do it? The van is a 2017 Highline with sat nav...
  6. mopardave

    Recommended Converters in Yorkshire

    Well, I've gone and done it.......I'm taking delivery of my T6 Kombi next week.....can't wait! Now I need to find someone to do a line out, install some lighting and fit an awning etc. Does anyone know of any quality converters up here in Yorkshire? Also, I'm thinking of sound deadening it...
  7. Dave F

    VCDS - North East area

    is there anyone around Newcastle area that has VCDS and is willing to change folding mirrors to fold on remote and also to program fade for the back speakers. I am willing to pay for any help. Thanks
  8. GeordieVanJam

    Newcastle VW dealership

    Recently bought my T6 from here and can’t recommend them enough. If anyone lives in the area, they are better than the surrounding dealers I’ve been to. Ask for Jack Guthery - he’s a good lad, who’ll go the extra mile. Tell him Stewart sent you ;)