negative rail sensor

  1. J

    Halfords lithium jump starter never says connected

    Hi, I bought one of these for jump starting my van...
  2. T

    Starter battery negative connection(s)

    Apologies for perhaps starting a new thread when this is covered elsewhere, but I am being a bit slow and just wanting to check. I have a vw shunt on the negative terminal but also a few other connections, probably from the camper conversion. I have seen in other threads that this should not...
  3. Ann3x

    Starter Battery Wiring - VW Disagreement

    Interesting one. I've had a few problems with my starter battery discharging (its a Varta, not a Moll so thats not the issue!). Basically my battery goes flat after around 5-7d inactivity. Thats pretty short imo. This was an issue before lockdown and is not just due to the extended hiatus. I've...
  4. LordGozer

    New Battery

    Hi all, I’ve done a quick search but can’t find anything about this issue, I wanted to share it in case anyone else has the same problem. I had VW assist out today for a flat battery, although it’s a converted camper the van is in regular use each week so it was a surprise to find the battery...