1. saxoboy

    North Coast 500 - NC500

    Hi Guys, We are thinking of doing most of the North Coast 500 from Friday...but we may have a problem...Nicola Sturgeon 's not getting Scotland out of lockdown for tourism until Wednesday and then the thought of campsites opening for those without toilet and shower facilities on board, may mean...
  2. Irvine101

    Alternative to NC500

    We have previously driven the NC500 and had planned to drive part of the Wild Atlantic Way in June, but that was unfortunately cancelled due to the lockdown. We are now thinking about September and wonder if anyone can recommend another weeks UK roadtrip that has spectacular roads, views etc...
  3. czmate1999

    Nc500 - Itinerary

    Hi All, Thinking about doing the NC500 first/second week of April and was wondering if anyone had worked out a good itinerary for it - campsites / wild camp park-ups, recommended restaurants and sites, etc. Just trying to save myself some leg work. just in the process of browsing the forum...
  4. G

    Nc500 It Had To Happen

    No wild camping: coming to a Scottish beauty spot near you As I have said in previous posts, it's not good. B&bs now not happy with one night stays as well as police concern over usage of roads. We now no longer go up to those areas during spring summer months.
  5. Shaggy1969

    Anybody Done The Full North Coast 500 (nc500)

    I'm planning on taking my Kombi on a road trip in August and doing the full NC500. Anybody done this and any stories to share? Are the roads OK (not too narrow for a van), plenty of places to stay etc etc?
  6. W

    Wild Camp Locations?

    Just a thought- our conversions are usually self sufficient. I'm sure we have all used or know of Wild Camp locations. Perhaps we can list/host the locations region by region? Admin could make it a VIP member area if not suitable for general release so as to stop bots finding and disseminating...
  7. Gillon Johnstone


    Hi, If anyone needs any help or advice regarding the NC500 give me a shout as I live on it and obviously know the area rather well
  8. Albielab

    West Coast Scotland

    Going upto to Fort William in September. Anyone got any good tips. Just me the wife and my 12 year old Lab. So nothing too strenuous lol. Dog friendly places of big interest.... Jeff
  9. P

    Outer Hebrides Summer Trip

    Hi All, Could do with a bit of advice... Booked a ferry from Oban for the 26th And back to Ullapool about a week later. Found loads of places to stay on the Uists but not much on Harris or Lewis. Anyone done this trip that has advice about where to / not to stay and which beaches are good...
  10. KombiKommando

    Help me plan our next AdVanture (see what I did there...)

    So easter next year. Yeah it is a way off I know. But wanna do a trip for a week (over two weekends) up t'north probably include a bit of kilt action.... recommend me some places!!!
  11. Gingercoastie

    North Coast 500

    Has anyone done this trip, looking for some hints and tips from any veterans out there
  12. spook

    North Coast 500

    hi anyone done the NC500 ,just decided 10 mins ago ,, Starting sat, HOPE THE WEATHER STAY FINE,LOL .any recommendations ,,camp sites ect cheers spook,, pic of Silver Sands of Morar, may this year,,great place for the odd drink,,,