moulded rear mud flaps

  1. Forrest4799

    Mud flaps for barn doors

    what are the best mud flaps for a T6 barn doors, I don’t want any that have to be screwed to the bumper...thanks for any help
  2. ShaunR


    What mudflaps have we decided on for the swb then ?
  3. J

    Angled Black side bars?

    Hi Guys n gals! anyone come across gloss black angled side bars LWB at all? can't seem to find any for toffee!!!
  4. shylock

    New rear mudflaps

    Fitted these rear mudflaps yesterday,got them off e bay, great fit and not half way up the rear bumper,easy fit,they are smaller than OEM flaps but hey,I like them . They came with fronts as well but I didn't fit them because I had genuine fronts already fitted but I will take some pics of the...
  5. RyanT6

    Mud guards?

    Hi, My T6 never came with any mud guards so I was just wondering what the best ones to get were and if there were any alternatives to the vw ones that attach halfway back on the rear bumper? Thanks
  6. GordyT6

    Mud flaps

    Hi ladies and gents. Has anyone got the genuine vw mud flaps? I went to fit mine, the fronts fit really well, but I don't get the rears ? Why should they fit so far back? The instructions say they should be 50mm back to the first drill hole then the flap itself is another 50mm ish behind that...