1. M

    T6 Misfire when cold

    Hi all, just got myself a 2017 T6 euro6 engine 74k, just had a cam belt and water pump. Had a bit of a dodgey misfire and read up to find it may be a glow plug issue, ran the scanner which did show a fault with the glow plugs, all 4 replaced. This seemed to sort it for a day or two it ran sweet...
  2. Magpie1832

    Engine stuttering/missing

    Hi all, I'm puzzled with this one. I drive quite conservative not overly accelerating. If I cruise along in 3rd or 4th at approx 2000rpm give a little , it starts to stutter like a misfire . If I accelerate past it or slow slightly (not a lot) then it goes away. I've read the codes and nothing...
  3. Unimog

    Land Rover Defender 2.4 Misfire

    We find somtimes around 55mph our LR (2.4) splutters as if fuel starvation. Any thoughts please. Fuel filter?
  4. C

    Misfire When Cold

    Hi I’m hoping someone has had the same issue but here goes My euro6 t6 105ps with 35k has a horrible misfire when it’s cold and slowly goes as it warms up but have started noticing a slight diesel nock at about 3500 rpm Anyone had this problem at could advise me where to start