miltek exhaust

  1. R

    For Sale Milltek stainless steel exhaust resonated center section T6 or T5 etc

    Have a spare Milltek stainless resonated Road+ center section left over from my TSI project, Will fit all T5 and T6 transporters. Perfect if you have the straight through system and want to reduce the noise. Installed for a couple days until my new exhaust arrived. Will obviously need lightly...
  2. B

    Found TSI factory standard cat back exhaust LWB

    I’ve picked up a 68 plate TSI from Bognor Motors which has had a lot of mods from new, all done by themselves, but would prefer to replace the Miltek cat back they have fitted with a factory standard exhaust Anyone have one knocking about in their garage, or interested in a swop? It’s all in...
  3. Kev23

    Miltek exhaust

    Are these worth the money? My 4mo has stage 1 Revo, would this be a worthwhile addition? And what’s the difference with resonated and non?
  4. Leeroy33

    My PETROL Caravelle 2017 2.0 204ps

    Hi guys. I ordered my petrol van back in October and is nearly here. I'm disabled and am having it converted to allow me to drive it from my manual wheelchair so to say the least it's going to be unique, also I plan to take it one step further and get airride and nice wheels. As it's getting...