1. p6raf

    Sold Complete T6 Eu6 MFSW, CC etc.

    In perfect condition, 30k on in. £250 posted sound fair ?
  2. C

    Kenwood DNX 9180 Remote steering wheel control not working

    Can anyone advise how I fix this?
  3. M

    Polo MFSW?

    Hi all, I have a t6 startline with the standard rubber steering wheel and have bought a 2018 polo mfsw steering wheel which has the same airbag fitment. I've done the extra bit of wiringin to power and to the body control module. Now I’m confused with the airbag/steering wheel loom and which...
  4. A

    Golf R type steering wheel

    Hello All, a friend of mine is going to view a T6 that has had a Golf R type flat bottom steering wheel fitted, does anyone know what is needed/or if even possible for the buttons on the wheel to actually work with the head unit? ie volume etc, not sure if the original wheel had these controls...
  5. Texxaco

    Sold 2018 T6 DSG MFSW without ACC

    Now I have the Golf R wheel fitted I have my original DSG MFSW is up for sale. See pics, any questions please let me know. £375 plus postage or collection from Chester area Plus free OBD11 dongle
  6. C

    For Sale Mfsw £250 + postage

    Immaculate condition if anymore photos needed or anything else let me know
  7. D

    Sold Flat bottom dsg steering wheel T6

    Hi, Flat bottom gloss black trim steering wheel, with dsg paddles, plug and play fitment on the T6, red button illumination. With airbag. Excellent condition (see pics), removed from my T6 due to it going up for sale. £400 collected.

    Wanted Flat bottom MFSW Steering wheel with paddles

    Shout up if you have one for sale, or know if anyone !
  9. C

    For Sale T6 multifunctional steering wheel and air bag

    For sale excellent condition t6 multifunctional steering wheel and airbag with CNL button looking around £300 but open to offers
  10. F2JON

    Sold How much is this steering wheel worth ?

    My mate has a steering wheel I said I’d sell for him on here but he’s not sure what it’s worth ? Any ideas? It’s a high line mfsw leather could do with re doing as it’s done 115k but everything works as it should includes airbag too.
  11. Darekt

    Wanted T6 multifunction steering wheel

    Hi all I am looking for leather steering wheel with CNL button, dsg preferable. Or just buttons and airbag trim for round wheel. Best
  12. Pauly

    T6 MFSW Multifunction Steering Wheel Wiring Diagram 2016

    MFSW Circuit Diagram Covers both types of button setups with (EU6) and without (EU5) cruise control on the wheel VIP Membership is required to download this document
  13. G3GSB

    Steering Wheel Off Centre after alignment

    Hi All, could do with some advise. I have recently (last week) had 4 wheel alignment carried out on my T6. Since this was done my steering wheel is slightly off centre when driving in a strait line (see photo attached) the steering wheel was replaced for an upgraded wheel by the previous owner...
  14. C

    Steering wheel help!

    So the current wheel set up is No acc Cruise controll is on the Indicator stalk What I want to add is Paddle shift Gti wheel with round airbag. Not sure to get polo or golf ( if there is any difference) I have found on ebay the buttons that I will need...
  15. G

    Airbag wiring loom issue - too many earths

    Hi all have an issue with the airbag wiring loom on a T6 I have brought the steering wheel and a airbag wiring loom but the loom has one too many earth terminals and when coding in won't code radio so I don't know if this is the right loom. Can anyone help I have posted the items I have...
  16. F

    Multi function steering wheel wiring help

    Hi, First post on here and only had the van a couple of weeks but I’ve just fitted a MFSW and had the coding done, but it still does not work. Reading through posts on this topic I see repair wires mentioned but I’m not sure if that’s what I need? The van is a 2018 Shuttle that had basic...
  17. D

    Add MFSW buttons to current non-MFSW

    Looking to upgrade my current steeringwheel with multi function buttons. I have cruise control on steering column. Would these parts work? (guess I would need the black trim that goes around the buttons. Dont know the partnumber for those. Buttons: 2H0-959-442-ICX
  18. pascal965

    T6.1 harness for DSG paddles

    Hi everybody , I want to change my steering wheel of my new T6.1 : I've bought a Golf 8 ...without harness ....:( I want to buy one but they are few ref..... 5G0971584 ....A?? G ?? Q?? R?? which one ??? Is it plug & play or can I must pass to VCDS ??? Can someone help me ??? Thanks
  19. T6180

    For Sale T6.1 Highline Steering Wheel

    T6.1 Highline Steering Wheel Only selling as I've bought a replacement £250 + postage
  20. W

    For Sale T6.1 Carbon-fibre MFSW BRAND NEW

    Hi there , Selling this MFSW Carbon Fibre Red Stitched steering wheel for sale , bought from Leighton Vans but no longer required . This will only fit VW T6.1 , This is Brand New and never used . Looks Stunning , actual picture of the steering wheel , comes with buttons but would advise...