1. W

    For Sale T6.1 Carbon-Fibre MFSW

    Hi there , Selling this MFSW Carbon Fibre Red Stitched non DSG steering wheel for sale , bought from Leighton Vans but no longer required . This will only fit VW T6.1 , This is Brand New and never used . Looks Stunning Cost me £659 will sell for £500 , postage should be £10 . Any questions...
  2. AlexJoe

    [Solved]Horn not working, all other buttons & illumination MSFW working...

    Hello, MSFW -> LIN via T73b /36, all buttons working, but horn plate - no. I checked the horn by VCDS, it works. Coded: Address 09 Byte 9 Bit 3 - 1 Address 09 Byte 15 Bit - 1 Address 09 Byte 29 Bit 6 - 1 (Byte 29 value 62) Address 09 Byte 17 Bit 2 - 1 Address 09 Byte 17 Bit 7 - 1 Address 09...
  3. huw169

    MFSW T10 cable route

    Hi all I think I’ve read all the info on here there is to read several times. So either the info isn’t there, or I glazed over at the wrong time. Anyway, I’m about to do the MFSW with cruise on wheel mod to a van with no cruise to start with. Therefore, I need to run a cable from the T10 pin 1...
  4. Rich Green

    Steering wheel upgrade to T5.1

    Hi guys I have fitted a replacement steering wheel to my T5.1 does anyone know how simple it is to connect it up to get the buttons working and have them lit up? Any advice/diagrams would be appreciated.
  5. Superowls

    Sold T6 Highline Leather Steering Wheel MFSW complete with airbag

    For sale..... VW T6 Highline MFSW Unmarked black leather, taken from a 20k miles van Complete with airbag, buttons & loom Collection from Sheffield, I can post if needed for £15 but prefer collection if possible with it having the airbag included £250
  6. N

    Getting all steering wheel buttons working (aftermarket head unit)

    Hello, Help please. My van came with the aftermarket head unit in the photo, as well as an updated VW steering wheel. Also shown. All the buttons on the steering wheel work apart from the volume up/down and the station/track fwd/back. The paddles linked to the DSG work fine. Before I start...
  7. huw169

    Shuttle - changing MFSW + indicator & wiper stalks?

    I'm buying a Shuttle - collection soon so excitement is building - but one of the mods I want to do is to put a MFSW in. I have a standard T6 MFSW coming that has cruise buttons on the left (CNL button and no ACC), a little separate volume control below, and MFD on the right. Here is a link...
  8. W

    For Sale T6.1 new Carbon-fibre Red-Stitch Flat-bottom Steering Wheel

    Hi Selling this VW T6.1 Transporter Flat bottom carbon steering wheel , BRAND NEW , Red Stitching . Cost me 695 , will sell for 580 ! Plus 15 pounds postage . Bought this from Leighton Vans but no longer required . Will be well packed for postage . Comes with buttons as well , just swap out...
  9. Murdoch

    Steering wheel buttons not working

    Earlier this year I found I was unable to use the controls on the steering wheel and the airbag / engine fault light came on - so my local VW service centre replaced under warranty a part "under the steering wheel" - all good The dam problem has come back today and the 3 year warranty ran out...
  10. Bainsey1695


    Selling the original wheel And air bag of my 2017 T6 , it’s leather and the van does have ACC, looking for £120 cheers Steve
  11. M

    Trigger horn, multifunction steering wheel

    Hi all, lone time lurker, first time poster. I need to be able to remotely trigger the horn on my T6, and I'm struggling to work out how to simulate the horn being pressed. I've downloaded the "Circuit_Diagrams_Basic_Equipment_T6F", and am looking at page 10. I was hoping I could short the two...
  12. Jongall

    MFSW retrofit: airbag harness

    Hi guys, About to tackle the retrofit. Have the wheel and repair wires etc etc but can’t for the life of me find any airbag harnesses to buy. anyone got one lying around or know where we can source? Thanks
  13. L

    Need Connector Assignment of Onboard supply control unit for BCM upgrade and CCS on MFSW Project

    Good Evening to All, I planning to retrofit upgraded BCM ( 7E0937090D PQ25 0762 H82) and CCS from steering wheel on to my T5.1 Could someone help me to get a pin assignment of a never model T6' BCM T73a, T73b and possibly the T41 connectors? I seams there ware various slight changes so I...
  14. M

    T6 - 2018 polo mfsw steering wheel fit

    Hi all, I have a t6 startline with the standard rubber steering wheel and have bought a 2018 polo mfsw steering wheel which has the same airbag fitment. I've done the extra bit of wiringin to power and to the body control module. Now I’m confused with the airbag/steering wheel loom and which...
  15. Mr blue

    MFSW coding - Carista suitable?

    Hi is it only VCSD that will code the mfsw or would carista etc do it too? Thks
  16. Daniel2929

    Startline retrofitted MFSW not working

    Hi everyone I’ve just fitted my mfsw but cannot get it to work The van is a euro 5 16 plate and has cruise on the stalk The steering wheel lights up when the lights are switched on and the buttons work on the right hand side but don’t do as they are meant to. The OK button will turn the music...
  17. Ads_Essex

    Sold Leather Steering Wheel MFSW Euro 5

    For sale is my leather multi-function steering wheel with piano black trim. The wheel is from a 2015 Euro 5 Highline van with 30k. In good, working, condition. £150? Postage should be around £12
  18. J

    Van wont start after fitting MFSW!

    HELP!! Fitted a MFSW and now my van wont start!! 2015 T6 startline. Fitted new cables to port behind wheel pins 9 and 10. 9 went to light switch - was meant to go in pin 15 but I only had 10 pins so i spliced with red and black wire. 10 went to pin 17 (spliced) in BCM. But now i am...
  19. S

    Sold MFSW steering wheel

    Leather MFSW Steering wheel removed from my 2019 caravelle. Wheel is like new as only covered 2000 miles. Only selling due to fitment of flat bottomed wheel. £120 delivered in the UK.
  20. cbrblade

    Repair wire

    Hi all is this suitable to use for mfsw to bcm