1. CamperBadger

    Michael Sims - MFSW fitter

    Recommendation post: New MFSW fitted and cruise (non adaptive) activated to replace my blank 2019 Startline wheel yesterday by Michael Sims. Mike lives in Hayfield in Derbyshire (it's at the foot of Kinder Scout). Took 1.5 hours, great care taken. Knows his stuff, pleasant chap. He's in the...
  2. CJW

    Opinions invited on CCS Retrofit

    Hello lovely T6 Forum people Please would you throw your ten penneth in to this decision please? I have a EUR5 Startline T6 without cruise control or MFSW and the MFD has the trip feature. I’ve always planned on doing the retrofit. I’ve read the hundreds of pages on all threads and understand...
  3. HoopDub

    Sold Flat-bottom Golf Mk7 TCR MFSW + airbag. £400

    Genuine vw golf Gti TCR flat bottom leather steering wheel. Lovely condition, very small mark on red leather 12 o'clock stripe. From a DSG, the paddles aren't original, easily removable if you want to fit it to a manual. Airbag included and buttons included. £400 Would take a T6 highline...
  4. T

    Multi functional steering wheel retrofit

    Hello, I have a T6 2016 with a plastic steering wheel and cruise control and board computer through the wiper and direction switch, now I want to place an mfsw does anyone have a manual for this?
  5. sipep

    Wanted Flat bottom steering - compatible with existing air bag

    Hi all. I know there are a couple of flat bottom steering wheels for sale, but they need a new air bag. I am after the most straightforward swap over using my existing airbag and my mfsw buttons.
  6. moomin-j

    For Sale Highline MFSW, buttons & airbag, removed at 14,962 miles

    For sale is my professionally removed MFSW T6 Highline steering wheel, complete with buttons & airbag. Removed at just a tad under 15,000 miles last year. Fully working & replaced with a Mk 7 Golf flat bottomed variety wheel Only selling as Mrs moomin-j insists I have to, as she doesn't see the...
  7. ma77y

    For Sale Multi function steering wheel

    I've upgraded my wheel to a flat bottom one so my old wheel is surpluses. I've had to swap the buttons over as I wasn't sure if it was compatible with my van. You will get my original steering wheel plus the buttons that came with the fb wheel. Leather will need re dying as its worn in...
  8. Veedubd

    For Sale GTI R Steering wheel Trim Carbon Dipped

    I Have a Carbon Dipped wheel trim for Golf GTI/R flat bottom wheel, this is the trim without the R badge as I thought it suited better as Transporter isnt a GTI or R Not fitted since being done all clips etc intact New trims are around £135 new for either standard black or chrome, this cost...
  9. chappers

    Sold Euro 6 Highline MFSW

    Hi all, I’m looking at selling my MFSW. I’ll start with a confession, having read and re-read the many posts about what was needed and fitting it I missed a key detail in that my wife’s van is a Euro 5 (palm to face/head against wall, etc.) Anyhow, this a wheel from a Euro 6 T6 Highline, since...
  10. P

    MFSW - MultiFunction steering wheel

    sup guys, I have the multi function steering wheel with the shift paddles, but the right side of the steering ( right side function buttons and right shift paddle) is not lighting at all, while the left side works perfect, do you guys have any idea what could be the problem? is it the clock...
  11. Lord Mfwic

    Sold Highline MFSW. £200

    For Sale. Genuine T6 Leather MFSW. Taken off my T6 Highline when it was on about 20K miles when I bought a flappy paddle wheel. The plastic bits are shiny as I have the Comfort Dash, not sure if others are the same. Absolutely prefect condition £200.00 collection only from Shrewsbury...
  12. T

    Is this the correct MFSW for a T6 upgrade?

    Hi, I've just bought this VW Caddy MFSW to replace the buttonless steering wheel in the T6 I finally pick up tomorrow! Part number from advert was 2G0419091BS. Can somebody confirm whether this is actually compatible? I know I will need to get CC coded for it to work at a minimum, but will it...
  13. Samfisher

    Startline MFSW retrofit

    Hi I want to fit a MFSW to my T6, its a startline and wondered if it is possible? I have purchased a Golf Mk 8 wheel and have read some threads about fitting but as of yet nothing I have used VCDS to tell the BCM it has a MFSW and have moved the horn wire over into the Bus wires spare slot but...
  14. J_Con19

    For Sale Flat bottom MFSW. £300

    Just gauging some interest in my MFSW to see if anyone would be interested. I'd say it's in excellent condition no rips scratches anything like that. It would come with new trim and buttons that you can see in the second photo as the buttons in the first I'd need for my new setup. Doesn't come...
  15. T6DSGChris

    Sold Highline leather MFSW (as new). £150

    This got taken off at approx soon after purchase for my carbon one.. so its as new to be honest Complete with ancillary button unit but not the airbag. Mine has the adaptive cruise etc so all that gubbins is on there Been in foam and bubble wrap in loft for few years. Came off my 2018. £150
  16. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 MFSW Steering Wheel Upgrade

    Upgraded the MFSW on my 2022 6.1 to a Golf MK8 haptic touch wheel and want to lay out how i did it, lots of these steps are not specific to this wheel so thought this would be a handy 'how to' guide These wheels are a straight swap but the electrical connections are a bit different so a few...
  17. Pauly

    Wanted MFSW Wiring Loom ANY vehicle/model

    Im after a MFSW wiring loom for a bit of experimenting, doesnt matter what vehicle its from as im going to chop it up so if anyone has a spare loom that maybe came with a wheel or airbag you bought then i am happy to save it from the bin and im also happy to pay for postage !!
  18. M

    Sold Badges / W/mirrors / Clamatic controllers / MFSW

    2017 highline van upgraded so original parts for sale (reasonable offers) Rugby based. Leather round steering wheel (no airbag) multi function, VW chrome front/rear badges, Revo badges new, wing mirrors /electric - pair, air con controllers - 2.
  19. Dav-Tec

    For Sale Custom T6.1 Steering wheel

    £475 Inc postage including airbag very chunky design rare look carbon trim surrounding airbag brand new airbag buttons can be upgrades to ACC or CCS buttons and additional cost. Selling as complete wheel only. Can also fit if required
  20. p6raf

    Sold Complete T6 Eu6 MFSW, CC etc.

    In perfect condition, 30k on in. £250 posted sound fair ?