metal pedal covers

  1. T6DSGChris

    Sold T6 engraved pedals - dsg

    Bought these while back and i just cant be bothered to fit, as new with fixings Think they were £50 when purchased £ 35 posted
  2. Steved55

    Throttle pedal replacement

    Hi - I want to change out my throttle pedal as it has been cut and shut as part of the mods for hand controls. I've undone the pivot bolt nut but the bolt itself cannot be withdrawn because of the footwell. Does the complete pedal box have to be unbolted to give clearance? Thanks Steve
  3. T

    Pedals - upgrade?

    A bit random, but had anyone fitted better pedals or covers? For some reason the stock pedals squeak whenever they rub against my boots or shoes which is annoying. And my trainers slide all over them when wet. Is there a better solution? Thanks.
  4. C

    Pedal lock for T6.1

    Hi, new owner of a Highline T6.1 I’m using as my daily and for motorcycle transport. I will be leaving the Van all day as I trail ride my motorcycle. Looking to put a pedalbox security device on, but most advertise as being for the t5/t6 And not the t6.1. will they fit the t6.1? Which is the...
  5. Repete

    Repete´s New Ride.

    Hello all. Might be the time to take a step forward after sniffing around in this nice and very informative forum for awhile. Yesterday I went VIP member as an appreciation of all the info I already found here. Thank you all for sharing knowledge. After having driven a Fiat Scudo Panorama for...
  6. Shredder

    Stainless Steel / Brushed Aluminium Foot Pedals

    Odd .... I've searched high and low for this one. You would've thought it was a well established little upgrade by VW, or at least after market. I can't find anything other than LHD options, mostly from Germany. Trust the Germans to have this sorted ..... and some nice ones as well. o_O