locking wheel bolt

  1. R

    locking wheel nut code number?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find the code for my locking wheel nut to order a replacement? It has an 'N' on the top...is that the code?cheers.
  2. Dugdog74

    Long locking wheel bolts?

    I’m looking to get some wheel spacers before lowering me van a touch more. But I was wondering what would be the largest spacers I could put on the rear as I could do with about 25mm and 15mm on the front. But can you use the original wheel bolts?
  3. Spaghetti

    Sold VW Locking Wheel Bolts

    Set of four VW Locking wheel nuts. Looking for £25 plus whatever it costs me to post them.
  4. CaliChris

    Help! Locking wheel bolt issue

    Hi, so thought I'd finally swap my alloys over today. All was going well until I got to the fourth and final wheel, the locking wheel nut tool just slips straight off the bolt no matter how careful I am at holding it on square, it seems this one is knackered. Thanks VW Van centre. Last people to...
  5. bullracing

    Locking Wheel Bolts. Which For Standard Alloys

    I am looking at getting some Mcgard locking whele nuts. There seems to be a few types and models. They are 60 degree taper but say they are for aftermarket alloys. I am running T5 standard alloys. I am also confused on the length. The 60 degree taper ones that say they are for aftermarket...
  6. Milarepa

    Locking Wheel Nut supplier

    does anyone know where I could get locking wheel bolts for my Momo Revenge 18” wheels? Thanks
  7. walnuts

    For Sale Set Of 4 Evo Mk5 M14 X 1.5 X 36 Locking Wheel Bolts

    I had these fitted to a set of Sportline Wheels, they were only on for a couple of thousand miles so are in excellent near-new condition. They were fitted and removed by me, so have never been anywhere near an airgun! I'll include the keycode so spare keys can be ordered if required. £20...
  8. LT2019

    Swapping Alloys - stud question

    Hi folks, swapping out some 6.5jx16 highline alloys with BBS SX 8jx18 - would the original VW locking wheel bolts still fit? Supplier has including some cheapo locking nuts but don't look that unique, so probably not as secure as the OE ones. Did some searches on here but couldn't confirm...
  9. Skyliner33

    Locking Wheel Bolt recommendation

    I've just discovered the previous owner must have replaced the locking nuts with ordinary ones. So I need to get replacements. Any recommendations over the OEM VW ones please?
  10. DaveyB

    Stripped Oem Wheel Bolt

    Anyone else had issues with the OEM wheel locking bolts? Had to take front wheel off a couple of days ago as a stone ended up between the inner side of the brake disk and the disk protector (wife was driving!!!!!!!), noise was horrific. Anyway, ended up not being able to get the wheel off as the...
  11. J

    Vw Locking Wheel Bolt Removal Issue

    Wanted to take the wheels off today for a 'wheels off' winter prep of wheels and arches. Didn't get very far :( Came to loosen the locking wheel bolts that came with the van (with Clayton 16" alloys) and the locking wheel bolt adapter just seemed to want to come back off as soon as any pressure...
  12. T6 dork

    Wheel Spacers 20mm Anybody Using These And Do You Have Locking Bolts?

    20mm spacers need a much longer bolt with 57mm length of thread (please correct me if im wrong) now the question is Does anybody use locking bolts also 57mm thread length if so where did you buy them please? thanks