locking wheel bolt

  1. Lloydy

    Wolfrace wheel bolts

    Does anyone know if wolfrace bolts are the same as the VW ones, i.e can I use my bolts on wolfrace alloys? I currently have devonports with h&r spacers/adaptors 21mm front and 25 mm rear and using the supplied shorter bolts that came with the spacers. If I was to buy some wolfrace x10x alloys 18...
  2. lukeadams

    For Sale 17mm Wheel Bolts and Locking Wheel Bolts £15

    Full set of 17mm wheel bolts with 4 Locking wheel bolts. All in used condition but full functioning £15 for the set posted
  3. Stagspares

    For Sale Wheel Bolts, Locking Bolts & Key

    Set of used wheel bolts (16) and locking wheel bolts (4) with locking key. £15 From my T6. Suitable for steel wheels or VW alloys.
  4. R

    For Sale 19mm locking wheel bolts x4 sets. £15.00 each

    Hi there I have 3 set of vw transporter 19mm standard locking wheel bolts. They’re suitable for Genuine vw steel wheels and Genuine vw alloys. 16, 17, and 18 inch. There £20 posted anywhere in the uk mainland. Thanks for looking.
  5. R

    Sold VW OEM locking wheel bolts - as new

    Hi I have 2 sets of as new standard locking wheel bolts. Suitable for standard steel wheels or genuine vw alloys. 19mm .thanks for looking ( £20 per set ) Free postage anywhere in the uk mainland.
  6. R

    Sold Locking wheel bolts ( as new ) 19mm

    Hi I have a few sets of as new standard 19mm locking wheel bolts, looking for £25 posted. These are sutible for standard steels 16, 17,and 18inch Amarok steels.
  7. Deze

    Black Locking wheel nuts for Black rhino Warlord 17"?

    A bit of a noob Question here. I have 17" Black rhino warlord alloys in black on my T6.1 Kombi I would like to get 4 black locking wheel nuts but I don't have a clue what size or brand to get. Also, will the wrench attached to the jack do a safe enough job for fitting these? under or over...
  8. R

    Sold Locking wheel bolts

    I have 4 sets of locking wheel bolts for sale. Genuine vw. There is 3 sets new ones and 1 set used. New ones are £20 a set posted Free. And the used ones are £10 posted Free.
  9. geotravtim

    Locking nut failure

    Anybody have their locking wheel nut socket disintegrate? £130 to get new nuts and the old locking nuts taken off. Surely it’s a design flaw in the socket? Made of butter.
  10. R

    Sold As new locking wheel bolts

    Hi I have a set of as new ( unused ) locking wheel bolts £25 posted. These are suitable for genuine vw steels or vw alloys. ( not suitable for aftermarket wheels.)
  11. B

    VLR11 20" wheels: does anyone know what size locking wheel nuts to buy?

    Hi, I bought some 20" Velare VLR11s, which I love. Staggered fitment on STX. They came with spigots and wheel nuts, but no locking nuts. They are different to the standard ones for the 16" Clayton's Does anyone happen to know what size locking nuts to order, and/or recommend a particular...
  12. LBird80

    Where’s everyone keep their locking wheel nut key?

    As the title. I currently keep my key in the dash hole underneath the dash vent on the drivers side. But it rattles and is generally annoying. Where does everyone else keep theirs to stop it rattling about?
  13. R

    Sold Locking wheel bolts ( as new )

    Hi I have a set of as new standard vw 19mm locking bolts. £25 posted anywhere in the uk. Free.
  14. Mickb11

    Sold Black wheel bolts with locking bolts. New £15

    VW Transporter T5 T6 T6.1 16 x Black Tapered Wheel Bolts and 4 x Locking Wheel Bolts £15 collected or £18 with P&P
  15. D

    Sold Locking wheel nuts

    A new set of genuine VW locking wheel nuts taken off a brand new van, £25 posted or collect from Burnley.
  16. T

    Different length locking bolts

    Hi Guys, Bit of a random one, but I need 33mm bolts on the front and at least 45mm on the back, does anyone know of a mix-and-match type locking wheel bolt package? Otherwise I need to buy 8 bolts just to get 4? Thanks.
  17. R

    Sold 19mm locking wheel bolts .

    I have 2 sets of 19mm locking wheel bolts ( good condition not rounded or damaged.) £15 a set posted anywhere in the u.k
  18. howler1975

    Sold [eBay] Devonports + bolts + lock bolts & 15/20mm spacers + long bolts.

    For sale is a set of 17" Devonports (15k miles) complete with original wheel bolts and locking bolts. Also included is a set of 20mm rear / 15mm front spacers complete with 20x long wheel bolts to suit. Wheels are in excellent condition barring one bolt hole wrench mark. Tyres are worn, with...
  19. R

    Sold Locking wheel bolts as new

    Hi I have a set of as new standard 19mm locking wheel bolts never used. Suitable for standard steel wheels or alloy wheels if they’re genuine vw. £20 posted free anywhere in the uk .
  20. R

    Sold VW 19mm locking wheel bolts (good condition)

    Hi I have a set of ( good condition ) standard 19mm locking wheel bolts. There not Rounded or damaged in anyway. £14 free postage anywhere in the uk mainland.