locking wheel bolt

  1. R

    Sold Vw locking wheel bolts

    Hi as per title I have a set of very good condition locking wheel bolts £15 posted uk only
  2. P

    Locking wheel nut key for t32

    Hi anyone know where I can buy a locking wheel nut key for a t32 so I can get my winter tyres on? Thanks
  3. j4ckal

    For Sale OEM wheel bolts, locking bolts and black bolt covers, full set.

    Selling a few bits off that are sat in the garage to help fund a new clutch. Up for sale is this full set of genuine/oem wheel bolts with locking bolts/key and a full set of black bolt covers, all in very good condition having only covered a limited mileage. Some pics: Not sure what these...
  4. R

    Sold Locking wheel bolts as new

    Hi I have a couple of sets of genuine locking wheel bolts possibly 4 sets. Looking for £20 a set postage is free anywhere in the uk or N.I.
  5. R

    Sold Locking wheel bolts

    Hi there morning I have 3 sets of locking wheel bolts there £30 a set postage is free in the uk mainland or N.L. .
  6. R

    Sold As new locking wheel bolts

    Hi I have a set of as new locking wheel bolts still in there box looking for £30 posted anywhere in the uk.
  7. G

    For Sale Locking wheel key type A and 3 lockers!

    Hi, I have the locking wheel nut type A and 3 lockers! One wasn't tightened correctly and vanished sadly! Not sure if they're any use to anyone? £12 delivered
  8. pixelmix

    Wanted VW wheel locking bolt key D

    Does anyone have a spare VW locking wheel nut key with code "D"? This is the 19mm version for T6 obviously, not the 17mm for VW cars. My existing key is slightly damaged so I want a fresh / good condition key to safely remove my wheels.
  9. ma77y

    Locking wheel-nut key stolen

    Hi all Got in my van this morning and noticed my passenger and sliding door was open and also the glove box. No damage or anything so I know I've forgotten to lock my van (lesson learned). All they seem to have taken is the locking wheel nut key and an empty rayban case (lmao). Anyway...
  10. R

    Sold Locking wheel bolts and key

    Hi there I have for sale a set of very good condition genuine Vw locking wheel bolts and key for sale. Not getting used. Looking for £25 for them . Cash on collection from Renfrewshire or will post uk mainland.for free.
  11. MrSkip

    HELP!!! I've rounded off locking wheel bolt( All sorted now )

    As title suggests I have managed to round off one of my oem locking wheel bolts and not sure what to do, don't trust the likes of ATS or local grease monkeys, is this a common problem and is it easy to sort out as I have new wheels and suspension booked for next month and don't want to lumber...
  12. Mick

    Spare-wheel Locking-nut key missing

    Bloody nightmare. Tow bar fitter coming within the hour. Discover that the locking wheel nut key for the spare wheel is missing. Living in hope he's done this before and can complete it! I'll be having words with he people who fit my winter tyres. they're the only people who have ever touched...
  13. cy294

    Locking wheel nut key failed

    Evening all, the dreaded locking wheel nut key has failed on my Davenport's. I've ordered a replacement key from a well known auction site. However, if that fails, I am going to have to use another method to remove it. Such as those on YouTube. I don't think I'll be buying another set of...
  14. S

    Locking wheel nut tool location.

    Hi all, I have had my T6 caravelle a couple months now and need to change the tyres. Is there somewhere in the van where the locking wheel nut tool is typically stashed as I can’t see where it might be (if it’s there at all). Thanks
  15. Ricardo T

    locking wheel nut code number?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find the code for my locking wheel nut to order a replacement? It has an 'N' on the top...is that the code?cheers.
  16. JasonW

    First blow out. Locking wheel nut rounded!

    First blow out on the T6 today... luckily I was parked up when the tyre exploded.... woke a few people up when it went..! If it hadn't been heard and witnessed by 2 other people I would of assumed someone had put a knife through the sidewall... :eek: Luckily I had my spare recently swapped out...
  17. T6 dork

    Long locking wheel bolts for spacers?

    20mm spacers need a much longer bolt with 57mm length of thread (please correct me if im wrong) now the question is Does anybody use locking bolts also 57mm thread length if so where did you buy them please? thanks
  18. Spaghetti

    Sold VW Locking Wheel Bolts

    Set of four VW Locking wheel nuts. Looking for £25 plus whatever it costs me to post them.
  19. Paynewright

    Help! Locking wheel bolt issue

    Any news? I’ve potentially got 12 of these to drill out shortly....
  20. walnuts

    For Sale Set Of 4 Evo Mk5 M14 X 1.5 X 36 Locking Wheel Bolts

    I had these fitted to a set of Sportline Wheels, they were only on for a couple of thousand miles so are in excellent near-new condition. They were fitted and removed by me, so have never been anywhere near an airgun! I'll include the keycode so spare keys can be ordered if required. £20...