light switch

  1. O

    Transporter oem rear interior led lights to rocker switch lights

    hello i have a 2018 t6 transporter which had those oem led always on when door open rear interior lights.. i bought the original rocker switch lights - installed them. so far so good.. i can turn them off or with door open/close works too.. but the on switch for the light does not work. is there...
  2. Mr blue

    Calling All Big Brains

    Ok here’s today’s problem lol I have a led light strip in my van I would like to be able to use this as the light that comes on when you unlock/open the doors and then go off when locked ,now I would also like to turn this light on and off from my cbe pc180 light switch to use as a light at...
  3. Sabre

    Light Switch Stuck...

    Hi all. Been putting an ambient light unit in, but in the process of taking the light switch out, I put it back in to test it all and now can't take it out again. It's stuck, and so now I can't get the lower dash panel back on without loosening the light switch holder, plus, the fog light pull...
  4. Dieseldonkey

    Wireless Kinetic Switches/fobs

    New Quinetic Wireless Switches - the complete wireless solution Anyone had any dealings with this tech. Can see some useful applications in camper vans if it works as advertised.