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  1. G

    Sold Sold

  2. Adst6bus

    Sold Double bench seat

    Folding double bench seat from t6. Finished in Leighton vans leather with R logo Immaculate condition. Been covered with inka seat cover from day of purchase and is included in sale. Collection only due to size. Don’t know what it’s worth so il start with £150
  3. F

    For Sale 2020 T6.1 T32 SWB 150 DSG Kombi, Twin Sliders, Digital Dash, Full Leighton Treatment £40k + VAT

    Starlight blue with the full LV treatment. Exterior - LV front bumper and splitter, 20” LV2 black gloss alloys, side bars, roof rails, tailgate spoiler, carbon rear bumper protector, LED headlights. Tailgate, twin sliding doors which are power latching. Lowered 40mm. Removable towbar and...
  4. BlayneKinley

    Sold 20” Alloys - Leighton vans LV-2 - Gunmetal and polished colour - £1050 inc. postage

    Evening all, For sale is my set of Leighton vans LV-2 20” alloys in gunmetal and polished colour. Fronts - 20” 8.5J ET45 with 275/40/20 tyres Rears - 20” 10J ET38 with 275/40/20 tyres Load rating on these alloys are 860kg per wheel and the tyres are rated 106Y. The alloys are as new pristine...
  5. B

    Leighton LV-S chin and splitter - how much clearance?

    I've just ordered one of these as they are on sale and seemed a good price (well, less of a transporter tax than normal!). However just wondering how low these go and is it likely to cause problems getting over kerbs when parking? This is on a van with standard wheels and suspension at the...
  6. BlayneKinley

    Leightons LV-2 - Alloy condition question?

    Afternoon all, I haven't emailed Leightons yet as I was after a little bit of advice from people that will know more about this subject than myself. I have purchased a brand new set of Leighton LV-2 alloy wheels in gunmetal grey with polished faces which I am over the moon with. When...
  7. R

    Anybody used Leighton Vans for carpet lining?

    Hi I have been looking at getting my T6.1 kombi interior done (carpet lining) and have seen some good things from Leighton vans. Was wondering if anybody has used then and if they would recommend? Only thing I can see is they don't hide the panel clips, or is that me just being fussy lol?
  8. P

    Van-Tech T6.1 V-Line front splitter - Anyone fitted it?

    Hey guys Tempted to fit a front splitter to our van. Like the look of the Leighton LV-S and may hold out for a sale but the Van-Tech V-Line splitter has caught my eye. Anyone fitted one and have any favourable comments or warnings? Cheers
  9. T

    New alloys and the effect on TPMS, ABS and more.

    My new '21 Kombi is now finished thanks to Leighton and Slidepods. More details and photos shortly. I'm just wading through the (quite long) list of issues... One thing that worried me is that by fitting larger 20in LV wheels, the TPMS has been deactivated. I wasn't to know as the TPMS factory...
  10. T

    Any VW detectives out there?

    Calling all VW detectives. I'm due to collect my VW 6.1 Kombi next Monday. Just been told by Slidepods it drives sluggishly and they found a long list of fault codes, though they ca't tell me what fault codes... It's going to see an auto electrician near Slidepods tomorrow am but I'm wondering...
  11. Pewt

    Sold Leighton Vans front splitter

    Looking to move on the LV front splitter now i have gone Sportline. There is some slight damage but nothing major that a body shop could not sort out easily. Looking for £280 .......i could post as i have the box the Sportline came in but collection would be ideal.
  12. Andysmee

    Sold LV "leather" driver's captain's seat + folding double bench seat complete

    EDIT: Change of plan again here, so selling my Leighton Vans trimmed front seats complete now. They are a T6 drivers captains seat with black trim, armrests and headrest, and a folding double bench seat, all trimmed in anthracite (very dark grey) leather look vinyl. The colour is a great match...
  13. T

    Leighton Van upgrade options

    Evening all Having had orders delayed by other UK van conversion companies due to the chip shortage, I am over the moon to have bagged a 4motion 204 van that was in stock at Leighton Vans. https://www.leightonvans.co.uk/vehicle-details/Volkswagen-Transporter-N5466/ I read only good things...
  14. X

    Leighton vans matte black trapezoid side bars

    Happy Sunday all, Anyone have these side bars on their T6 and wish to comments on how they are quality and looks wise. Thinking the matte black would look good on my reflex silver van. Other than the matte black are they visually similar to the vw expensive ones? Thanks in advance. XS
  15. AJH_Ant

    Leighton LV-1 centre caps

    Quick one, I’ve got Leightons LV1 alloys on my 6.1 and was wondering if anyone with these had managed to swap out the centre caps? Nothing against Leighton it’s just I’m not overly keen on the green on there. Just thinking if anyone had managed to swap them for VW style ones at all and if so...
  16. J

    For Sale VW t6 kombi interior - Leighton vans

    So I’m new to the group and not 100% what this lots worth. I’ve been advised I can get around £1000 for it But not sure so make me an offer. contact me on 07903360416 comes with... R line leather triple kombi seats seats belts. VW OEM flooring. Anchor points, covers and bolts seat anchor point...
  17. Bronco

    Leighton Vans (Parts)

    So after trying to bid and make offers on some wheels on LV parts ebay and subsequent messaging, I received exactly zero replies from the team there... After 2 weeks I rang up to check my messages were getting through. Apparently “Lee” was going to call me back to discuss sorting out a deal...
  18. dennismo

    Sold Calibre Exile R 20" Black Wheels

    Hi all. These wheels were fitted by the team at Leighton Vans. Last winter, after around 4500 miles of use (mainly motorway driving), I swapped to some All Seasons on Amarok 18" ready for a Peak District winter, and planned to put these back on this spring. However, I never got around to that...
  19. S

    Sold Leighton Vans LV1 20” Gloss Black Alloy Wheels

    Set of 4 Leighton Vans LV1 20” gloss black staggered alloy wheels. For the sizes of the wheels see the photos, the sizes are on the boxes. Brand new in boxes, never fitted. Supplied with wheel bolts including the locking bolts and spigot rings. Upgrading my motorhome means the planned buying of...
  20. LeightonVans

    Leighton Vans

    https://www.leightonvans.co.uk/ At Leighton Parts we offer a range of Exterior Styling options for various areas of your VW Transporter's exterior: - Front Styling. - Sportline Style T6 Splitter (Painted or Unpainted). - Lower Radiator T6 Trim Inserts (Black or Red). - Rear...