led glare

  1. T

    Faulty Factory Led Front Lights

    can anybody help me out got new van in July haven’t been driving much in the dark until now with the evenings getting darker earlier Having this problem with the lights on the front of the van shining on both sides of the van into the ditches and into peoples houses please check and tel me if...
  2. T

    Genuine Vw Led Lights !!

    Can anybody help me out just after getting my new T6 back from the logo designer and first time driving in the dark I ordered Vw led front and rear but I can’t get my head around why I am seeing a spectrum colour of the led lights at the side of the ditch of a B road on either side it’s...
  3. Ronnieb

    LED Headlights - side scatter?

    Does anyone have the same distracting light at the passengers/drivers side, whilst driving at night?