1. Tactic

    Kufatec sound booster

    Anyone know of any alternatives to this system? Kufatec looks great just wondering what else is on the market? https://www.kufatec.com/en/volkswagen/vw-multivan-transporter/t6-sg/complete-kit-active-sound-incl.-sound-booster-for-vw-t6-sg-41025#
  2. Fitzy76

    T6 (SG), what is SG

    Anyone know what the (SG) stands for, seen it on a few adds usually relating to electrical items?
  3. Barley53

    Power-Latching Sliding-door kit from Kufatec

    Hi, has anyone installed this on their t6? Any issues? Worth the time and cost? Thanks https://www.kufatec.com/en/volkswagen/vw-multivan-transporter/t6-sg/complete-set-soft-close-comfort-closing-aid-sliding-door-for-vw-t6-40200?number=40200-1
  4. bullracing

    Anyone Buying From Kufatec?

    Is anyone buying from Kufatec soon? I want a Webasto loom which is 22Euro but I am a tight arse and dont want to pay their 12euro shipping. If it was 6euro then totally get that but seems steep for nearly half the price of the actual item. If anyone is buying from Kufatec can I buy with you and...
  5. SteveCole

    Heated Seat Help! Kufatec Loom and OEM Panel

    Hi all, This is my 1st post to the forum, and I was hoping this would be a handy how to but instead I am after a helping hand. I have had my T6 Kombi for a few months now and I have decided to retro fit the genuine heated seats, in the summer :whistle: Not seen a full how to so I thought I...