kombi floor

  1. JonriceT6

    For Sale Triple rear bench , rubber flooring and seatbelts

    I’m selling a triple rear bench, in double grids fabric. From My 2020 T6.1 It comes with the seatbelts if needed and brackets and even the factory rubber flooring. All In great condition . Any questions please ask £350
  2. MrHugo

    For Sale Triple Bench with ISOFix and rubber floor

    Gauging interest for a triple bench with ISOfix and the original floor for an SWB single slider. Collecting Liverpool area as I would need to travel across from IOM
  3. Amymax18

    Sold LWB Kombi floor (2+1 single-slider)

    LWB single slider kombi floor. In good condition. Some small marks as can be seen, would probably come off with a good clean. Collection from South Ayrshire, or I could potentially meet somewhere close by to make it easier. £220 ono
  4. J

    Selling advice for Kombi seats and floor

    Hi everyone. This is my first post on a forum so forgive me if I do anything wrong. I have just begun converting my T6 Kombi into a camper and have removed the rear seats (2+1), all of the brackets and the rubber floor mat. I was looking for advice on where and how to sell them. Is it best to...
  5. B

    Kombi floor creases

    Hi all, I bought a second hand kombi floor which had a few folds in, thinking it would be relatively easy to bend backwards into shape or use a heat gun but nothing I've tried has opened them out. Has anyone managed to suitably straighten out a used kombi mat before!?? If so any advice how...
  6. Paint

    Sold Kombi rubber floor for LWB twin slider with bench holes

    Van being converted next week so just tomorrow if anyone wants to remove it and take it away
  7. MrHugo

    Wanted SWB Rubber Floor 2+1

    Hello, Looking for an SWB T6 rubber floor for a single slider door and 2+1 cutouts. (changing from a triple seat so the holes in the current floor don't match) thank you
  8. p6raf

    For Sale Immaculate T5/T6 Twin slider SWB rubber floor mat

    VW T5/T6 Transporter Kombi Rubber Floor Mat. 2+1 SWB model For Twin Side Sliding Doors. Mint condition, 30,000 miles literally looks new. £100 collection in Plymouth
  9. Deviant Tubs

    Sold T6.1 Bench + SWB Rubber Floor

    My 2022 plate T6.1 Highline SWB Kombi is being converted so I've got a Rear Triple Seat and Floor Mat which is looking for a new home. The van has delivery miles only so everything is brand spanking new. The seat has never even known the pleasure of being sat on. Upholstery is all immaculate...
  10. G

    Wanted LWB Kombi load mat.

    Hi, I'm looking for a LWB Kombi load mat. Thanks, Gary
  11. G

    Wanted Wanted 2 + 1 or 1+1+1 Kombi seats in Simora fabric

    Hi, I'm looking for the above seats, preferably in the North West of England but I do get around a fair bit for work so may be able to pick up further afield. Also after some good 20" alloys in black, and a bed or maybe slide pod for a kombi. And a LWB Kombi load area mat. Thanks, Gary
  12. R

    Sold Kombi interior (SWB) £500

    For sale, t6.1 kombi interior swb. Triple bench in brick fabric Oem rubber floor mat Rear seat belts and all fixings 6 lashing rings Floor mounts are included, being removed next week. All in excellent condition £500 Collection from Nottingham.
  13. T

    For Sale T6.1 kombi rubber floor load mat SWB

    T6.1 kombi rear load floor excellent condition will even throw in the blank plates for the seat brackets for when seats removed £200 Bench seat holes Ttt
  14. D

    Sold SWB Kombi Rubber 2+1

    Kombi rubber floor from my 2017 Kombi, good condition. There is a small line of brown mastic from the previous owner where they had built a timber bulkhead, just needs some patience to strip it off . £100 discounted price here, collection only from Ashford Kent area, before i put it up on flea...
  15. H

    Found Kombi SWB rear rubber mat

    Wanted SWB rear rubber load mat, single sliding door ideally with cut outs for triple rear bench Cheers Darren
  16. MikeWillmott

    Sold LWB load mat/rubber floor single slider

    2016 1+1+1 needs a wash and has some indentation where furniture fitted. I’m sure these will spring back wit a hot wash. Located in Exeter- free to a good home.
  17. ybeandy

    Found LWB Kombi Rubber floor mat with 2+1 cutouts

    Good morning Does anyone have a rubber floor for the following LWB 2+1 1 Sliding door (NS) Tail gate. Thanks
  18. G

    Sold T6 LWB Kombi Rubber Floor. Folding 3-Seat Bench Seat in Simora. Electric Sunroof. Full Size Bed.

    All genuine VW Original Used Parts from my 2015 LWB Kombi Transporter. Lots more Pictures available... Please contact me for more information. Triple Bench Seat In good working order & tidy condition... comes with all floor Fixings & 2 VW Seat Belts & fixings. £250 Rubber Floor from LWB Kombi...
  19. B

    Where can I source a cargo-area rubber floor mat?

    VW Kombi rubber flooring. (single seat behind driver) HELP! Does anyone know where I can get a new rubber flooring as I have ruined my one and need a new one to send back for my lease when it comes to an end.
  20. P

    For Sale T5 LWB Shuttle load mat - good condition

    Hi for sale, LWB Shuttle T5 mat. Given to me by mistake instead of our Kombi mat when we converted to a camper. Good condition. £50.