knight's custom conversions ltd

  1. Adam H

    Re-converted, Facelifted Big thanks to Knights Customs

    I know there is some familar faces here that I recognise from Instgram and Facebook, so some of you will know this already ( T6dublife on instagram ). But just wanted to give Camper Conversion Company in Lincolnshire - Knights Custom a shout out for the amazing work they've done on my already...
  2. Chrispyduck

    Who is the "premier converter"

    New to forum and looking for advice. I am scouring the VW dealers nationally for a T6 to convert. Spec wise i would like the DSG Highline.........not sure on the T28 or T30 ???????? there seems to be a few about but not sure who is best to buy from. Also any recommendation for a full...
  3. goldeneye243

    Any Converter Recommendations Near Cambridge Please

    Starting to look at either buying a converted van, or buying a panel van and getting it converted. Any recommendations please - Good or bad experiences greatly appreciated!
  4. czmate1999

    Converter Reviews

    Thought it might be useful to build up some detail on the more established campervan conversion companies to both help me and potentially others. Firstly I will be upfront and say while I have ordered my van (T32 LWB) I have not yet established which converter or converters I want to use...