1. S

    Keyless modification

    hi all I was wondering if anyone has managed to do away with the key and do a keyless start function I know the risks but want to modernise our 22 model t6.1
  2. t6 steve

    Can My Van Be Stolen With A Key Entry

    hi again everyone .I ad a vw rd side assit out today reguards a bit of a flat battery on my vw t6 .nice enough chap.he seems to be pointing to fact that my van is not going on long runs to many short journeys.not helped by the virus so iv got to charge it up myself plus buy a leisure battery...
  3. 20191001_131315


  4. Captain Backfire

    Keyless Entry Start and Exit System (Kessy) - Retrofit

    Has anybody installed keyless entry to their T6? I’m not even sure if there is an aftermarket option out there... Can anyone please enlighten me? Cheers