intercooler pipe leak

  1. A

    Intercooler hose - replacement

    Just replaced the Intercooler on my T 6 but the passenger side pipe has pushed back and needs pushing back in . Is it just a case of moving the header tank and maybe the washer fluid filling to gain access . ?
  2. ginkster

    New Buyer Advice - Turbo Noise 150psi

    Hello All I’m new to the forum as looking to buy a T6. This looks to be an awesome place for info and advice. I’m new to the T6 and have only driven one and am really keen on it. However, the turbo seemed pretty noisy with a noticeable whoosh under load - is this normal? Is there anything...
  3. K

    EML mass air flow fault 04795 [Resolved]

    Hello all my engine management light came on I plugged Cristia in and come up with fault mass air flow so changed to new pattern part one to see if issue drove all about 40 miles and back on any help idea please
  4. Petehelmet

    Losing Coolant

    Ok so posted a couple of weeks back about my temp gauge beeping and flashing red and indeed as advised it required a small amount of water, about half a cup if that. Since then even though I have seen no signs of a leak I've had to do the same thing twice. So Van was booked in for a service last...
  5. Jez

    Hole In Twin Turbo Intercooler Pipe

    Hi there. I recently developed a hole in my 4-motion top intercooler pipe. I heard a hissing sound under acceleration and knew it was a leak in the turbo piping straight away. The engine management light came on. I got my wife to rev the engine whilst parked and I investigated where the leak...