inovit vector

  1. The Van Cave

    The Van Cave is now an Inovit Dealer

    I am delighted to announce that The Van Cave is now an Inovit wheels dealer! Inovit offer a great range of wheels in fitments suitable for the transporter with most of their 20" sizes available in load ratings that will cover all vans, including T32! I've included some wheel only pricing...
  2. steven mitchell

    Wanted t6 bits

    orite everyone. any body have any black/ satin black roof bars for sale or know anyone who might? also looking at upgrading my wheels, i like the inovit vectors 20" satin blacks and after a comfort dash, all for t6 model
  3. Adam Baker

    Inovit - 2 Brand New 20" Designs - 880kg Lr

    Calling all T6 owners...We recently took delivery of our two brand new 20" Designs and they are in stock and ready to go. Names : Thrust & Vector Specs : 20x8.5 Offset +37 20x10 Offset +35 Finishes : Silver or Satin Black Load Rating : 880kg Let me know where you guys are and I...