hillside leisure

  1. D

    Newbie Hillside Starter battery charging question

    Hi I am new to the Campervan world have recently brought a Hillside Birchover and now have it in storage for the winter. The starter battery voltage has now dropped to 12.2V so I am planning to charge the starter battery. The VW manual is useless in its advice for charging the battery stating it...
  2. Chrispyduck

    Who is the "premier converter"

    New to forum and looking for advice. I am scouring the VW dealers nationally for a T6 to convert. Spec wise i would like the DSG Highline.........not sure on the T28 or T30 ???????? there seems to be a few about but not sure who is best to buy from. Also any recommendation for a full...
  3. T

    Pre-purchase Inspection

    Hi everyone! Newbie and 1st post! We are very interest in a late 65plate T6 Highline T30 DSG 140BHP, Euro5, 15k miles Hillside Leisure Birchover. But before we spend the life savings, wanted to get a pre purchase inspection done, but are the RAC type inspections really worth doing, thinking this...
  4. J

    Bubbled Interior Panel

    hi, just looking for some advice. We bought a brand new Hillside vwt6 conversion in Feb this year and had a few issues with it. The roof sorted under warranty and this week noticed the panel under the rear seats is starting to bubble where it meets the floor about 2 inches up and half the way...
  5. G

    Hillside Birchover

    Anyone else have a hillside Birchover van. Have you had any modifications done after purchased and have you had any problems. Had ours since November and so far all good. Would like a light on opening sliding door other than that all is good.