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    Pre-purchase Inspection

    Hi everyone! Newbie and 1st post! We are very interest in a late 65plate T6 Highline T30 DSG 140BHP, Euro5, 15k miles Hillside Leisure Birchover. But before we spend the life savings, wanted to get a pre purchase inspection done, but are the RAC type inspections really worth doing, thinking this...
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    Bubbled Interior Panel

    hi, just looking for some advice. We bought a brand new Hillside vwt6 conversion in Feb this year and had a few issues with it. The roof sorted under warranty and this week noticed the panel under the rear seats is starting to bubble where it meets the floor about 2 inches up and half the way...
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    Reputable Camper Insurance Birchover

    Prospective new owner of a T6 hillside birchover. Anyone know of reputable U.K. Based insurance companies that would cover the vehicle parked overnight on the street? Had a few 'interesting' quotes.... Cheers.
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    Hillside Birchover

    Anyone else have a hillside Birchover van. Have you had any modifications done after purchased and have you had any problems. Had ours since November and so far all good. Would like a light on opening sliding door other than that all is good.