1. J

    T6 NOX fault?

    Hello all, if anyone has any guidance I would really appreciate it before I waste money… My 2019 T6 t30 150 diesel (36000miles) recently went into limp mode and I got the flashing coil light on the dash. I turned off the ignition and it restarted with no issues. On the next journey it happen...
  2. C

    Help/ advise with some trim removal please :D

    Hi, hoping some helpful folks here can tell me if this heating control panel (the rear area lower one) is easily removable? i ahve some trim tools and gave it a try but got worried about breaking thigns and didnt push it too far. Is this one of those annoying jobs thats gunna end up with me...
  3. T

    Guzzling coolant

    Had my EGR valve replaced under warranty about 6 weeks ago, went away for a month with work, came back to empty coolant reservoir. Mrs has been driving it whilst I've been away... (scratches and a dent have now appeared also =( but that's for anither thread!) I've subsequently filled it up...
  4. J19WMK

    Wiring IGN Cable for DC to DC Charger - HELP

    Hi everyone, In the interest of saving myself some time and money; Can any help with “piggy-backing” a IGN cable for a DC to DC charger from the fuse box under the dash? Thanks
  5. 4WheelsFromCanvas

    New member - can any keen eye help identify this pop top brand?

    Hi all - new member here at the early stages of research in moving from camping under canvas to a van, hence user name! Use will be mainly for 2 adults, an 8 year old and a gun dog. Considering sourcing a van for conversion but have also identified a few local 2nd hand vans for faster solution...
  6. B

    Urgent T6 Towbar Wiring Diagram Needed

    hello. If anyone has the simple wiring diagram for geniune vw /westfallia towbar wiring please could you send it me. The type with no fuse box under seat and small headlamp switch plug. Thanks
  7. mini_bear93

    Vanslam Knocking

    Recently fitted a set of 5Forty VanSlam coilovers last weekend. Got the dreaded knocking coming from the rear suspension... It almost sounds like the spring is loose more so on the near side. This is happening on lower speeds and when cornering. I have checked over all the corners and could not...
  8. William Cameron

    In desperate need for help! Adblue tank cover keeps getting ripped off

    Hi All, first time posting but I am in need of some help. I recently got a T6 and it's been amazing thus far, until the snow fell a few weeks ago. In that period the snow got compacted between the adblue tank and the protective cover underneath it, partially ripping it off. The mechanic fitted a...