hella socket

  1. osman

    Best plug and socket system .

    Am I really going to have to accept that the din plug and socket system is the best system for general 12v plugs and sockets . One of these sockets virtually fell to pieces today as I unplugged a negative wire the actual content of the socket came apart it was so badly made . Anyway I pushed it...
  2. Deviant Tubs

    USB or 12v Sockets?

    Hi all! I'm in the process of deciding what extra bits and pieces are going into my T6.1 conversion and I arrived at the subject of 12v/USB power supply. I've been speaking with the company that will be doing the build and so far I'm thinking... 2x 240v Sockets 2x USB Sockets (Each with...
  3. M

    12 Volt wall mounted socket DIN ISO Hella socket

    Does anyone know where I can purchase an adaptor for the 12 Volt wall mounted socket in the Westfalia Club Joker City to take a plug suitable for a cigarette socket? The continental plug is slightly smaller I believe than a standard cigarette or cigar plug fitting and conforms to a DIN ISO...
  4. G

    What sockets and switches do you use?

    I'm moving back through the van and once speakers and leisure battery is in place ill look to establish all loads from the 12 way fuse box. I've got an idea of the types of socket i need but wondered if anybody has views on brands to use or avoid? Also anybody got anything out or the...
  5. Rodeorichx

    12v dash DIN (lower)

    Does anyone know where I could get a replacement part for my dash? I've looked on eBay etc but they are all too big and the official VW ones are about £60 which seems a bit excessive for a plastic trim. Any help would be apprieculiated. Pictures attached. Thanks Rich.
  6. Spaghetti

    Driver’s Seat Base - 12v Socket?

    Does anyone have anything in this blank panel show below? What does VW fit here? Looks like it’d be prime for a USB or 12v socket.
  7. Pete C

    Cbe 12v Outlet Socket

    I built one of these into the panel beside the sliding door on our van. It hasn't been used much, but seemed to work fine the odd time we have used it with a bike washer. I tried it today with a new awning light, and it doesn't work. There is something about the shape of it internally that...