1. O

    Heaters Planar, Webasto, Eperspacher Cheap?

    Anyone any experience of dealing with these guys (in Russia?). Heaters4you - Heaters For You As we all know dealers normally charge the max the market will take. Obviously a little concerned about sending my dollars to USSR when they don't advertise business address. But anyway any of you...
  2. Skyliner33

    Heating For Those Without Eber/webasto

    Now as the nights are getting cooler I am wondering what people who haven't got heating installed use. Assuming on electric hookup I think the main options would be either small oil filled radiator or electric blanket (either under or over). Wondering what are peoples thoughts or solutions for...
  3. Dino

    Exploding Coke.

    Don’t leave coke on your seat. Dub Glove saved the day.
  4. Leigh

    T6 Factory Swivel Base Swap - Can It Be Done?

    OK, here goes..... We have 2 T6's: 1)Kombi with Heated & Factory Swivel Front Seats & SUNROOF. 2)Van with standard front seat with Height Adjust (Non heated) Because the Factory Swivel Seat does not have height adjust & the Kombi has a Sunroof I find that my head is far to close to the roof...