1. Ricardo T

    Recommendations please for New Forest campsites.

    Anyone have recommendations for small farm/ or otherwise campsites in the New Forest please. Cheers.
  2. Fake_Taxi

    Painter in Hampshire/Berkshire

    Need my T5.1 Sportline lower spoiler & splitter color coded & fitted, based in North Hampshire (Hook) so also not far from Berkshire. Any recommendations?
  3. osman

    Window specialists near Southampton?

    Any recommendations for car window specialists near Southampton ?
  4. osman

    Anyone with VCDS in Hampshire?

    Hi I need to set my alpine halo navigation to work correctly on dash using vcds ( instead of showing ER 2 ) is there anyone local to me with it that could do me a favour ?
  5. T

    Auto electrician - on South coast

    Hi, looking for recommendations for a good auto electrician on the south coast, I live between Portsmouth and Southampton, to fit 2nd leisure battery, monitor and a few other bits and Bob's on my T6. Martyn @travelvolts did the upgrade from the oem charger and battery but unfortunately not free...
  6. P

    A new member says "Hello!"

    Hello everyone! No prizes for guessing where I'm from! I used to work for a local van dealer, selling all sorts of vans. Now I work for a specifically VW van dealer, and I wanted to say hello to the world of VW, perhaps I'll learn a few things here (nope, never drove a VW of any kind before!)...
  7. T

    Isle of Wight motorcycle races 2021.

    Afternoon all. For those interested in two wheeled racing and living down south they've announced an additional event on the 2021 road racing calendar. Isle of Wight races Beats trying to get to the Isle of Man!
  8. T

    VCDS user in Portsmouth please?

    Good evening! I have just finished the electrical installation of my tow bar, reverse camera and rear speakers. None of them currently work fully so I am hoping that someone in the Portsmouth area could help please? The van is a 2016 Euro 5 Highline 140 LWB if that matters? Please let me...
  9. Ethan Andrews

    RIB installer in Hampshire,Surrey,Sussex or Kent?

    Hi can anyone recommend an installer in the South for RIB seats?
  10. W

    VCDS guidance for rear speakers

    Hi I want to add the rear fader option to my stereo. I have found somebody that has vcds software in my area but they have never enabled this option. I have seen a step by step guide to do this but now I cant find the guide. Does anybody know where I can find the guide?
  11. nobbyq

    Which Pendle Remap Agent On South Coast ?

    any recommendations ?thanks
  12. Andyman

    Carista Not As Good As It Seems

    Having made some changes to my T6 was seemingly happy with things, locking the doors when moving, unlocking them when removing key, turn off daytime rl, BUT............ Went in for a service and had to point out that my heated mirrors don’t work, it was the carista Main dealer, noticed the...
  13. S

    I Need A Few Things Doing And Would Like Help Please

    Hi I'm fairly new to the camper world, but have a 2016 T28 S Line and need a few things doing, that I can't do myself. Can anyone recommend a 'go to' company/person for the following: Supply and fit a diesel heater Remap engine to 140 ish Retro fit cruise control I live in Hampshire Thank you Si
  14. RyanGerry

    Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or Vw Van Centre Swindon ???

    So the vans due it’s first service in 500 miles and I have two dealers within the same distance to me. Does anyone have any experience with either garage? Breeze Van Centre Southampton Or VW Van Centre Swindon
  15. Camperwanny

    Fiamma Awning

    I'm looking for somewhere/someone that can supply and fit a fiamma F45s awning to my T6 Redline in the Andover/Hampshire area? Anybody know of anyone? Thanks in advance.....
  16. R

    Solar Supply And Fit, Sussex

    Hi all Am new to the forum here, but lurking a while over on some of the "other" forums :-) I've looking to fit solar charging to my Caravelle which has an existing split charge leisure system, running fridge and lights. Have read the What Solar Panel & Controller? thread which is a great...
  17. Cherokee

    Team South

    Let’s hear it for Team South!!
  18. J

    Recommendations For Garages In Bournemouth / Southampton Area?

    Hi All, I need to get my VW T6 campervan serviced and a few issues fixed, any recommendations for Garages in Bournemouth / Southampton way?