1. Samro

    Fly tipping promotion

    This post is a good old fashioned rant! A rant about Hampshire County Council and their stupid rules on commercial vehicles. My daughter needed a new bed and I need to dispose of the old one. I realised that my permit had expired for the local tip. This is largely because I had a permit that was...
  2. G

    Winter Campsites on the South Coast

    Hi all, I've just bought my T6 camper and can't wait to give it a spin. I live in Hampshire and all the campsites I would usually use in the New Forest are closed until late March. Do you guys know any winter / all year campsites in Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, etc.
  3. J

    T6 Speed Limiter removal [Resolved]

    Is there anyone local to Southampton who has the ability to remove the speed limiter on my 2018my t6 before i either die in a slow motion crash or I get fed up and set light to it , how this 72 mph limiter is deemed safe is beyond me.
  4. W

    Independant VW Van Specialist Farnborough/Fleet

    Can anyone recommend an independent transporter specialist near Farnborough/Fleet please? Vehicle is a 2017 204PS 4 Motion kombi. Many thanks
  5. G

    VW auto electrician Hampshire wanted

    Hi everyone I am trying to retro fit factory Xenons in my Transporter. Can anyone recommend a good auto electrician who could undertake this for me.
  6. A


    T6 KOMBI T32 VAN WAS STOLEN FROM THE OWNERS DRIVEWAY LAST NIGHT. It was taken from Cupernham Lane in ROMSEY (Nr. Southampton) near the traffic lights. They live opposite the new Nightingale House retirement development and the van was parked at the back of their house. Understand from helpful...
  7. G

    Van tuning Hampshire

    Hi All, anyone recommend the best, most knowledgeable, affordable, T5.1 138 engine and DSG tuning? Not looking to race! Just a smooth performance!
  8. R

    Good Approved VW Van Servicing near Farnborough?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a trustworthy and competant approved VW Van servicing garage around Farnborough Hampshire (will travel to the right place, say 20 mile radius). Can anyone recommend one please?
  9. markob

    Garage recommendation: London

    Hope this is the right place for this post.. Can anyone recommend a main dealer for servicing in Surrey / SW London area ? Not sure I believe google reviews anymore ! Been looking at SMC Croydon or Lookers Guildford but they get really mixed reviews, happy to travel a bit further if necessary
  10. jimc91

    Window fitting in the south / southeast?

    Has anybody used Sublime mobile window fitting services, they are based in Tonbridge or can you recommend a company in South London / Kent / Surrey area? Looking to have barn doors and 2 fixed windows installed, thanks is advance - Jim
  11. BlayneKinley

    Pop top - Paint recommendations Hampshire

    Hi all, Currently having a nightmare with the colour coding of my pop top roof. I had the pop top installed in 2021 and the colour was slightly off from the word go. Unfortunately the pop top had suffered blistering and this was returned to Skyline who had sub contracted the painting out to...
  12. GoatBoater

    Multi-rail fitting : Hampshire / West Sussex area

    Yeah, I know you practical lot would just fit it yourself, but i can see myself making a right old mess of this (imagine a load of swearing, some holes that don't line up then a load of sealant on the windscreen). I want to get a Reimo multi-rail fitted. I'm based near Portsmouth. Does anyone...
  13. Samro

    Urgh- a dent!

    Dented my B pillar with a barely visibly dent, but I know it's there! Anyone know anyone in the Southampton/Lymington area that may be able to perform a mobile repair? I am gutted as I did this myself by being a clumsy idiot!
  14. Bobby Turkalino

    Great Isle of Wight campsite

    Appuldurcombe, Wroxall Isle of Wight. Great position right by footpaths and cycle paths so haven't driven since arriving. Weather's been good and have just been entertained by a spitfire doing aerobatics.
  15. I

    Single piece ply flooring - Hampshire

    Hi All - Does anyone know a Southampton / Hampshire based provider of a pre-cut 12mm LWB Ply floor please?
  16. Dwuk2000

    Coilover Fitting - Hampshire/Surrey Area

    Have a 2017 ex AA T6 T32 that is in dire need of lowering. Can anyone suggest a garage to fit some Bluebird coilovers in the Hampshire/Surrey area? Preferably one that is open on Saturdays. Thanks in advance.
  17. JOG

    Carpenter needed near Andover?

    Hi all, Any chippies near Andover who would fancy a little cash job? I would like an oak worktop to be cut and routered (chamfered) to make a leaf table top. Anyone interested? PM me Thanks
  18. A

    T6 Caravelle won’t start.

    Hi - I’m new to the forum but wandered if anybody can give me some advise. T6 Caravelle was running fine but glow plug light started flashing and engine lost power so pulled over and switched engine off. Tried restarting and although the engine turns over, it won’t fire. It’s been in an...
  19. N

    Hampshire fitter for Rear Spoiler/SideBars

    Hi everyone I am just looking for recommendations for a garage/custom shop who will supply and fit a tailgate rear spoiler and/or side bars to a T6 in the Portsmouth area, other than a main dealer..? Any suggestions welcome.. Thanks
  20. B

    Vanlife Eats Event - August bank holiday weekend

    Not seen anything on the forum about this, but we are going! Seems a bit different. Vanlife Eats Big Picnic Tickets - Vanlife Eats 2 Nights of Camping Campervan Showcase Live Music Vanlife Workshops Technical Workshops Cookery Demonstrations Bake-Off Kids Activities & Inflatables Big Outdoor...