h7 headlamp

  1. Mrpowwow

    Repairing Headlights

    Hi Guys Does anyone know if a LED headlight can be repaired ? the plastic securing tab has broken off Can the units be dismantled and be put back into another housing ? cheers Andrew
  2. S

    Aftermarket Pattern OEM H7 Headlights

    Hi Guys, Has anyone had any experience with the aftermarket OEM style headlights available online? I’ve seen some options to replace my H4’s to H7’s but wondered if anyone had seen them in comparison to the genuine items?
  3. J

    Main Beam and Dipped on Together H7 - VCDS

    Hi, I've got my Ross tech cable ordered and would like to program my new THQ V2 lights so that the main and dipped bulbs will stay on together. Has anyone who has done this able to offer a how to?
  4. Paynewright

    Wanted T6 H7 headlights

    As per title a pair of good condition H7 headlights wanted. Anyone upgraded to aftermarket lights got some gathering dust?
  5. Minimucks

    How much is a pair of caravelle exec headlamps worth 2nd hand?

    As per title. I've been offered a set in good condition but don't know how much is a fair price. Any ideas?
  6. Boardbabe

    Off side DRL not working/no power

    After upgrading my H7 DRL bulbs to Lumro DRL super white bulbs, I have had continued problems with the drivers side DRL not working. While my van was in for its service I asked them to replace the bulb. They couldn't get it to work either. They tested the bulb and the bulb holder and they were...
  7. cbrblade

    H7 headlights

    Hi all Are these ht headlights
  8. saxoboy

    H4 To H7 Thq V2 - Coding The Vcds

    Hi Guys, I have just fitted @ChrisR 's THQ v2 Headlights....all went well from a fitting point, which was nice...however, now I need to code the dipped to stay on with the main beam. I have got hold of VCDS from a friend and was now wondering if anyone has done a step by step instruction for...
  9. cowlsy

    Deutsche-parts T6 Transporter H7 Headlamp Upgrade Kit

    Anybody got any experience of these? Doesn’t look to bad at first glance, LED DRL’s includes Osram night breakers, no recoding of VCDS. what am I missing? No beam direction? Sounds to good to be true? What does everyone think?
  10. GS1980

    Wanted Led Headlights

    Hi all, anyone on here selling Transporter HQ style LED headlights? cheers
  11. M

    Broken Headlamp Tab

    Has anyone tried glueing the tab back on and fitting the headlight successfully? Any problems with this course of action? Best Mark
  12. tifflepops

    Where Can I Buy H7 Headlights?

    as above please guys!
  13. Mocko1962

    H7 Headlight For Lhd

    Can the LHD version on the H7 Headlight have the projector re-posiotioned for RHD road use .. Has anyone done it ?
  14. Mocko1962

    H7 Headlights

    Are H7 Headlights set for rhd or lhd cars ... I have ordered from autooc germany as a replacememt for H4 units ... but could not check against the vin code as only the H4 version matched compatible
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  17. Stay Frosty

    H7 Headlights... These Are Bound To Be Lhd?

    Thinking maybe H7 lights but are the bad boys in this link RHD or as is always the case when looking for stuff on the interweb they're LHD and just the usual spirit crushing non event? Linky might help... Headlights VW Transporter T6 Van (SGA, SGH) 2.0 TSI 150 HP » low prices
  18. nobbyq

    Transporter Hq Lights To Oem H7

    has anyone done this , i don't like the dotted line of the drl on them looks cheap , so thinking about either forking out to geniue led's or h7's .?
  19. H

    H7 Headlights

    I'm looking for a pair of new, genuine H7 headlights to replace the H4's on my 2018 LWB Kombi. I've been to my local dealer, but they say they won't fit my vehicle & even if they did they will not sell me them because mine has H4 headlights! Any suggestions as to where to source a pair other...
  20. P

    Headlight Change

    After careful consideration of all the options open to me I decided to stick with genuine headlights I purchased a pair of t6 Caravelle headlights from tps which arrived the following day to go with them 2 pairs of philips 150% h7 bulbs the headlights look fab very impressed the chrome trim on...