h7 headlamp

  1. R8N XX

    Sold H7 headlights

    So i have yet another set of H7 headlights for sale first come can have em £175 plus postage. from a 2018 van. thanks.
  2. Hanzs

    Dust caps over LED lights in H7

    Hello, Thomas here from The Netherlands, I recently bought a 2016 Multivan. I recently bought LED PHILIPS Ultinon Pro9000 light to replace the halogen for H7 dipped beam on VW T6 2016. The lights fit fine and the light pattern is also good. But that is before I fit the dust caps. The dust caps...
  3. GingerDub

    Carista - Main & High Beam

    Hi All QQ - can Carista allow me to leave main beam on when high beam is active? I'm upgrading to THQ v3 DRLs and don't fancy having to get hold of VCDS Cheers
  4. vwjames86

    Wanted H7 headlights

    looking for a pair of H7 headlights if anyone has some. Thanks
  5. vwjames86

    T6 Caravelle headlight codes

    Good morning. I’ve got a question about Caravelle lights if some can help. I’m looking for a set but looking on eBay the last letter of the code can differ. Is this just different for the year manufactured. Is there any thing different to the lights from different manufacture years. Hope this...
  6. bluezie

    T6.1 H7 & H15 Bulb Upgrades

    Has anyone upgraded to the Osram Nightbreaker +200% H7's, and the Osram Cool Blue Intense H15's? How do the colour temperatures compare, do the look ok? I was hoping there would be some +200% Nightbreakers in H15, but it would appear the Osram cool blue is the only upgrade available.......
  7. M

    Wanted H7 Headlights (pair)

    As above. Must be in good condition TIA
  8. R8N XX

    Sold H7’s

    So I may have struck up a deal with a converter that has a few sets of H7’s I am looking to purchase the lot He says five sets. Would anyone be interested in any. They are all in good condition. I would be looking for £130 a set plus postage. Is there an appetite for these. Let me know your...
  9. Shortbread69

    DRLs and H7 upgrade

    I fitted a pair of OEM H7 headlights. L Swapped them with the bumper off, changed my setting on OBDEleven, all fine except that… DRL don’t light up, instead the side lights come on when DRL is activated. Puzzled. Can’t seem to find the setting / code I need to change to activate the proper...
  10. j4ckal

    Sold OEM H7 headlights £110

    Selling a few bits off that have been sat in the garage a while to fund a new clutch :) Up for sale are these H7 headlights, I had planned on fitting them, but if truth be told I think I want some of the thq leds (hence why they've been sat in the garage in a box). They are from 2017 and...
  11. R8N XX

    Found OEM H7 headlamps

    Any of you kind Gentleman and lady’s have a set of H7’s thanks
  12. Neils3hg

    Sold H7 Headlights from 2017 Shuttle

    Pair of H7 headlights from 2017 Shuttle Good condition Prefer collection from Macclesfield / south Manchester as there quite bulky Bulbs included although no guarantee on how old they are £215
  13. Liam007

    H7 DRL Bulb holder stuck

    Hi, I’ve just bought some H7 headlights and I was trying to change the drl bulbs but I can’t get into one of them. I know your meant to turn it anti-clockwise 45-90 degrees but it won’t lift out once turned. It feels like the bottom of the holder is stuck and won’t come away. Have any of you...
  14. MrTesco

    H7 to THQ headlights

    Hi just wondering if anyone has gone from Factory fit H7 headlights to THQ lights? If so how do you compare light output etc better or worse with the THQ ones ?
  15. E

    Sold Set of Caravelle H7 Headlights - NOW REDUCED - £200 ONO

    For Sale - Set of Caravelle Headlights from 2016 Executive - £225 NOW REDUCED: £200 ONO Removed from our Caravelle & replaced with the THQ ones. Collection from Poole, Dorset or Parcel Force express48 delivery for £20.
  16. G

    Travelinlite T6 Headlights beam adjustment

    Hi all! I’ve recently fitted Travelinlite T6 Headlights with dynamic LED indicators, LED DRL, but halogen H1 & H11 bulbs. What I can’t work out is how to adjust the beam so they are level & not only lighting 2m in front of the van. Anyone fitted & adjusted these before? If so, can you post a...
  17. DeadRandom

    Sold 2019 Genuine VW H7 headlights £225

    Hi everyone just had THQ V3 all black headlights fitted to my Caravelle and therefore the Original H7 headlights in great condition are for sale. Ideally pick up as the box is massive. Wiltshire location
  18. Parvus

    Sold Pair of Brand new H7 headlights + complete Osram LED bulbs

    Hi all, Purchased these headlights for T6 and decided to keep THQ LED's. All brand new, never used. Prefer collection, shipment possible at buyers cost. £350
  19. cbrblade

    Sold H7 Headlights £200

    H7 Headlights very good condition complete with bulbs £220 o.n.o prefer cash on collection
  20. Andysmee

    For Sale LED Projector parts for H7 upgrade

    pair of led projectors and a pair of led hi-beams that I was going to fit in some H7s but I utterly failed to open them with heat. They owe me this: 2.5‘’ Bi LED Projector Lens Angel Eyes Halo Rings Car LED Headlight Retrofit Kit15/01/2021 £127.19 Car LED High Beam Projector Lens Demon Devil...