h7 headlamp

  1. DeadRandom

    Sold 2019 Genuine VW H7 headlights £225

    Hi everyone just had THQ V3 all black headlights fitted to my Caravelle and therefore the Original H7 headlights in great condition are for sale. Ideally pick up as the box is massive. Wiltshire location
  2. Parvus

    Sold Pair of Brand new H7 headlights + complete Osram LED bulbs

    Hi all, Purchased these headlights for T6 and decided to keep THQ LED's. All brand new, never used. Prefer collection, shipment possible at buyers cost. £350
  3. cbrblade

    Sold H7 Headlights £200

    H7 Headlights very good condition complete with bulbs £220 o.n.o prefer cash on collection
  4. Andysmee

    For Sale LED Projector parts for H7 upgrade

    pair of led projectors and a pair of led hi-beams that I was going to fit in some H7s but I utterly failed to open them with heat. They owe me this: 2.5‘’ Bi LED Projector Lens Angel Eyes Halo Rings Car LED Headlight Retrofit Kit15/01/2021 £127.19 Car LED High Beam Projector Lens Demon Devil...
  5. LT2019

    Sold H7 lights

  6. Gavinda

    Modded H7's

    Finally got my modded H7's fitted in the van today. I've fitted 3" projector lenses in to the low and high beam positions with H1 LED bulbs, also got rid of some chrome while I was in there. Beam cut off is very sharp, due to the shutter the low beam can also be used for high beam. Just waiting...
  7. F2JON

    Sold H7 headlights

    I have for sale a pair of 2019 h7 headlight, mint condition , I’ve upgraded all the bulbs to osram night breakers and drl, I bought them with the intention of changing my h4’s but looking at them I prefer the look of the h4’s there’s too much chrome for me. Luckily I eat carrots so I’ll be ok...
  8. D

    Found H7 Headlights OEM

    If anyone is selling the above please DM me. I am in York if that's any help.
  9. Sackmycook

    Found H7 headlights

    After a set of H7's.....
  10. LambethBoy

    Found H7s

    Any about??
  11. Paul Binding

    What headlight bulbs is everybody using.

    I have only had my t6 for around a month, but it didn’t take me long to work out how bad the headlights actually are, I had planned on upgrading to THQ version 3 leds but am now having second thoughts after hearing they may not be mot compliant. What bulbs have people upgraded to and how much of...
  12. Superowls

    Sold H7 passenger side headlight

    H7 passenger side headlight This is the 2019 updated version with the drl holder attached and wired Has slight damage to the side as shown in photo Apart from that it's fine Seems too good to throw but it's taking up space so if no one wants it it's off to the skip Free if anyone can use it for...
  13. Paul Binding

    Main-beam and dipped-beam coding

    I know some companies make a wiring loom that makes it possible to have main beam and dipped both operating at the same time. Is it possible to do this by coding alone ?
  14. flat_4

    Sold H7 Headlights - genuine VW OEM - cheap!

    Bought some H7 Headlight units off FB Marketplace to replace my H4s and were led to believe they were in excellent condition. Having got them I'd say they were more like 'fine / useable' so they weren't what I was after - I've since splashed out for a pair of brand new ones instead so these are...
  15. chriscroft

    LED Headlamp Disasembly

    Hope a T6 LED Headlight fix is cheaper than a Polo:confused:, should it ever fail/break Replacing a headlight bulb on a small car can cost up to £846 | This is Money
  16. S

    Aftermarket Pattern OEM H7 Headlights

    Hi Guys, Has anyone had any experience with the aftermarket OEM style headlights available online? I’ve seen some options to replace my H4’s to H7’s but wondered if anyone had seen them in comparison to the genuine items?
  17. J

    Main Beam and Dipped on Together H7 - VCDS

    Hi, I've got my Ross tech cable ordered and would like to program my new THQ V2 lights so that the main and dipped bulbs will stay on together. Has anyone who has done this able to offer a how to?
  18. Paynewright

    Found T6 H7 headlights

    As per title a pair of good condition H7 headlights wanted. Anyone upgraded to aftermarket lights got some gathering dust?
  19. Minimucks

    How much is a pair of caravelle exec headlamps worth 2nd hand?

    As per title. I've been offered a set in good condition but don't know how much is a fair price. Any ideas?
  20. Boardbabe

    Off side DRL not working/no power

    After upgrading my H7 DRL bulbs to Lumro DRL super white bulbs, I have had continued problems with the drivers side DRL not working. While my van was in for its service I asked them to replace the bulb. They couldn't get it to work either. They tested the bulb and the bulb holder and they were...