1. T

    T6.1 bumper removal

    Is there any videos or guides on removing the 6.1 bumper? I want to get the grills off. cheers
  2. JasonW

    Oven Or Not...

    I am in the process of nailing down the interior design of my new campervan build... Having visited one or two conversion companies now, I have some conflicting views of whether or not an oven earns its space in the van. So I would like to hear off members who have the oven fitted and use...

    Campingaz Party Grill 400cv.....

    is any one using one are there any good ... on my last travels I saw a few people using them and when I’m in my local shop I keep looking at them and thinking is it worth it to get one ,,
  4. C

    Oven And Hob Combo..... Anyone Got One?

    I made a trip to CamperKings yesterday and was blown away by their new "Portofino" model. It's only at the demo stage but is stunning! It has something like this:- Dometic MoonLight Three | Dometic LPG cookers : Spinflo Triplex LPG hob, oven and grill Does anyone out there have a similar unit in...
  5. N

    Smev Mini Grill 555 - yes or no?

    Hi all, I'm booked in to have my T6 converted in the next few weeks and I had asked my converter to include a Smev Mini grill. Since then I've read a couple of negative comments about these grills saying they don't get hot enough to be usable so I'm now wondering if I should still include one...
  6. MartyMoose

    Campervan oven

    Just debating whether to fit an oven and/or grill to my camper. Will it need to be vented to outside? Any other pros or cons or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.