fueling fault

  1. D

    Fuel problem

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help as I’m a little worried. My two year old T6 recently broke down. I got recovered to the dealers who to cut a long story short said they were not doing any investigation until they got a fuel sample back. When it came back they said it contained water and I would be...
  2. S

    Unleaded Fuel In Diesel

    2018 T6 Caravelle. Put unleaded in diesel T6 and drove for 2km, now awaiting tow home. Can empty tank, filter, lines , what else should I do? How could I have been so dumb? Stevo
  3. Insert Coin

    Just A Warning For T6 Euro 6 Diesel Owners

    An idiot that works for me came into the office last night to tell me that he only had 45 miles left until his adblue ran out, he lives 40 miles away... So after administering a proper good bollocking I told him to stop off at Halfrauds around the corner and fill his van up, his van has been...
  4. Sump plug

    3 week old T6 faulty!

    Hi all Can anyone advise please, we picked our brand new T6 up from the dealer three weeks ago, it had 17 miles on the clock, on the way home some 7 miles the engine hesitated, at first I thought it was me fluffing the throttle or something. Over the next couple of days the engine kept...