fuel pipe

  1. jordanL

    Air in fuel line

    Hi, I got a 19 plate t6 about 6 weeks ago and now it won't start. It's only done 5k miles. It went back to the garage and they said it was air in the line for some reason. I got it back and the next day it wouldn't start again. I think they're still looking at it but not reqlly telling me...
  2. Longs11

    Fuel pipe popped off

    Any advise? I filled up drove off the forecourt the van stalled. Noticed fuel spitting out from underneath when trying to restart. Fuel pipe had come off underneath only splurged out fuel on turning over the engine. Not constantly spitting out fuel. I got help putting the pipe back on a a few...
  3. L

    Fuel tank removal -how do I ensure not issue with fuel gauge after reinstall?

    I've read a lot of useful information on the forum in preparation for a fuel tank removal, (to install brackets for RIB Neptune seats and diesel heater). One issue I have read about that worries me is people finding the fuel gauge doesn't work properly afterwards. Any tips on how to avoid this...
  4. I

    Fuel coupler to sender unit

    Has anyone repaired or replace the couplers on the fuel line. Remove the couplers to the sender unit to fit heater. All going well. Then I realised the push bit of the coupler was loose and broken. The housing is still intact. So I wonder if its possible to replace the push clip bit... if so...
  5. D

    Fuel problem

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help as I’m a little worried. My two year old T6 recently broke down. I got recovered to the dealers who to cut a long story short said they were not doing any investigation until they got a fuel sample back. When it came back they said it contained water and I would be...
  6. Loz

    T6 Fuel Line Connectors 2018-12-03

    Workshop section dealing with the disconnection of fuel pump connectors.
  7. Ronnie Remo

    Vibration rectified, might interest someone?

    I took my T6 Kombi in to have it's missing armrests installed today (Don't ask ha) and while I was dropping it off I mentioned a vibration noise I had between 1600-2000 rpm seemingly around the dashboard front area, it was at it's peak around 1800rpm. I thought they might think I'm the usual...