fuel pipe

  1. I

    Fuel coupler to sender unit

    Has anyone repaired or replace the couplers on the fuel line. Remove the couplers to the sender unit to fit heater. All going well. Then I realised the push bit of the coupler was loose and broken. The housing is still intact. So I wonder if its possible to replace the push clip bit... if so...
  2. D

    Fuel problem

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help as I’m a little worried. My two year old T6 recently broke down. I got recovered to the dealers who to cut a long story short said they were not doing any investigation until they got a fuel sample back. When it came back they said it contained water and I would be...
  3. Loz

    T6 Fuel Line Connectors 2018-12-03

    Workshop section dealing with the disconnection of fuel pump connectors.