1. Ads_Essex

    Drivers’ Footwell Plastics - What Are These For?

    As per the title, I want to know if I’m missing something - are these hooks supposed to hook in to something? Since the photos were taken, I’ve fitted the other (black) trim that sits between the part in question and the lower (cream) dash, but still can’t see what these hooks are for!
  2. R

    Sliding-Door Step Light Connection [Merge]

    My sliding door step light is not wired up :-(. Any thoughts where I can best take an appropriate feed from that is switched by the sliding door? To be a little clearer - I believe that I need to pick up the permeant 12v - red/black ?? and the Convenience Module Ground - brown/black?? Any...
  3. T6.Ch09pyy

    Footwell Lights

    can anyone help me with where I can get feed from for foot well lights I’m doing now so ASAP if possible
  4. kiter

    Footwell Lighting Wiring........

    Hey folks Attempting to fit the above, have searched the various other posts but I am still coming un stuck. The units are installed, identifed the earth in the footwell but I'm really struggling to know which fuse to piggy back off for the live. Like them to be on all the time as I'm used to...
  5. Deaky

    Footwell lighting

    I decided to add some more footwell lights behind the seats today and change where they all connect. There are no readymade cut outs on the seat plastics so I had to cut my own The lights came with a template, I cut it with my Dremmel then the light clipped in. When I fitted the lights...
  6. Pauly

    Adding footwell lighting

    I am in the process of adding footwell lights to my van and seems like its pretty easy to do, im looking at making up some plugs/cables to make it plug and play with no wire cutting/joining just factory connectors for everything. Wondering if this would interest anyone else as before i fit it to...