1. J

    T6.1 footwell lights very dim

    As per the title our T6.1 standard LED footwell lights are very dim. Almost, there is no point them being there. I thought it was maybe an issue with the van but we have another on fleet and it is exactly the same. Is there anyway of upping these either by wiring changes or coding? They can't...
  2. U

    Foot rest plate

    Bit of an odd question. Has anyone added a foot rest plate. In my golf we stuck a seat rest plate over the integrated rest spot. My mats don’t cover the rest plate, the official rubber mats do but I don’t want rubber mats. Ps I appreciate there are Vw pedal caps but over £150! And lhd. VW Bus...
  3. N

    T6.1 DSG Driving Position Issue

    When i was told by the sales rep that they had taken the foot rest away on the new T6.1 DSG I didn’t think much about, but now it is becoming very apparent that without the additional space/footrest to the left side of the break peddle I cant find a comfortable driving position. My old T5’s and...
  4. Ads_Essex

    Drivers’ Footwell Plastics - What Are These For?

    As per the title, I want to know if I’m missing something - are these hooks supposed to hook in to something? Since the photos were taken, I’ve fitted the other (black) trim that sits between the part in question and the lower (cream) dash, but still can’t see what these hooks are for!