1. ToddiesT6

    For Sale LWB floor (Collaboration = 50%+ discount)

    I’m connected to new start up business that targets better quality 1 piece floors is part of the product development plan. One’s been designed & need someone with and empty T6 van to collaborate with ( test fit it) For your trouble, the prototype floor will be available at raw material cost...
  2. xtombx

    PLY Which one? (Marine, WBP, Structural, None Structural) Cor blimey

    Hi, im sorry if this has been asked a million times or is infact a pretty unimportant thing but I've searched and searched and scratched my head sore, its driving me mad now. I've finished lining the van and now im ready to sort the floor out. im going to 9mm baton, dodo super liner then 12mm...
  3. M

    Ok to route across floor

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to figure out the best way to get some cables from my Clayton LPS which I think I'm fitting under the RIB bed next to the kitchen, to the opposite (near) side. I've been searching the forum but couldn't find much matching this setup. The cables will be to power 12V...
  4. G

    Van floor - which thickness of ply?

    Van floor - I’m in the process of fitting Dodomat DEADN 2mm to the floor which will then be covered with Dodo Thermoliner 6mm. I‘ll then ply the top, would a 9mm hardwood ply be sufficient? That should raise the floor by 17mm and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an aftermarket side step with a 17mm...
  5. O

    Plastic lashing point eye/cup dimension

    Hello all, Quick question regarding the plastic lashing point eye/cups on the floor. Please could somebody measure the internal and external diameter? I'll attach a pic for reference. With thanks!
  6. piper1

    Wanted Floor template LWB T6

    looking for a 2017 T6 LWB plywood floor template, cheers.
  7. N

    Flooring question: 1 or 2 piece?

    I've started my conversion and im looking a saving a bit of money cutting my own ply panels. The van came with a ply floor and i planned to use that as a template or i could just repurpose it and put it back it as its 10mm. Have a couple of questions about it though. Its a two piece floor split...
  8. B

    Sold T6 Kombi SWB rubber floor

    Hello, For sale - SWB Kombi rubber flooring. (T6 Kombi) My van is being converted and the rubber floor will be available for collection from Bucks from 28th February. Some minor marks but in good condition. This is for the rubber flooring and does not include anything else. REDUCED - £75
  9. dave_b

    Will I have to remove deadening to fit floor?

    I have applied sound deadening to the floor of my Kombi. when I convert the van to a camper, will I have to remove the deadening to install a floor?
  10. M

    Can you fix rear seatbelt with rear heater?

    I am looking to purchase a T6.1. I haven’t yet been to see it in person yet (hopefully next week I’ll get around to it), but would need to fit a 2+1 seat arrangement in the rear, a non-original Kombi so to speak. It’s a SWB, and has had a factory fitted heater installed in the rear. The floor is...
  11. C12jwalls

    Caravelle conversion: new flooring?

    Not sure if it's been covered before, But eh ho here we go. Converted my panel van single slider door to take caravelle rails double etc. Now the temp floor is from a caravelle so it don't fully fit etc. I would like a new floor to cover the whole van. How and what has anyone else has done...
  12. S

    Is 6mm ply suitable for flooring?

    Hello all. I have a T28 6.1 It already had 6mm ply flooring down (looks CNC cut) when I bought it. I will be bolting the units to the flooring. I have two options, use the 6mm ply, and add 9mm ply batons glued under the 6mm ply (between the metal grooves) for extra strength where the units...
  13. Skyliner33

    Installed Caravelle/California rails? Source of ply floor.

    Im getting some Cali rails installed, but am looking for a ply floor to fit. Because the ply floor sites higher to match the rails then it needs to be a little bigger in certain parts. So, I am asking if anyone has seen a ply floor for sale that is specifically for this height and will fit...
  14. Skyliner33

    Source for a 12mm ply LWB floor at California/Caravelle height.

    I am due to fit some California rails into my van. However finding a suitable ply floor to fit at the correct height and have the slots cut in in the right place for the rails is proving beyond me. I have been told it needs to be cut slightly bigger than the standard floor as it sites a bit...
  15. I

    Single piece ply flooring - Hampshire

    Hi All - Does anyone know a Southampton / Hampshire based provider of a pre-cut 12mm LWB Ply floor please?
  16. T

    Flooring batten width

    Hi, I recently glued down battens to my T6 floor which i plan on screwing 12mm ply into. I have sound deadened and thermally insulated over the top of the panels, however, I just realised I have followed some incorrect advice and I've used 12mm battens, rather than 9mm battens which I have now...
  17. L

    Altro or OEM floor??

    Hi all getting my kombi lined / carpeted in the back. Is it best to get the floor done with Altro or just leave the black rubber floor as it is ? Cheers
  18. N

    Screw-holes in metal - fill and paint?

    Hello as you can probably guess i have a T6 to convert and i have a quick question and the rear floor. So the van came pretty badly ply lined, so i plan on replacing it all. The question i have is that previous the ply floor has been screwed down through the ribs and into the vans floor!!! My...
  19. H

    DODO Mat DEADN DUO under the cab floor?

    Hi - does anyone know if you can put the Deadn Duo Mat (6.8mm) under the cab floor without it causing any issues with raised height? thanks
  20. JiMsHaDY69

    Should a ply floor be bonded in place?

    Spoke to a local conversion company regarding a ply floor for my T6 Kombi earlier today. They've advised me not to put a floor down before getting the interior carpeted as the floor is bonded in place and pretty much a momentous task to remove. From the how to guides I've read on here, my...