1. N

    Seal the Ply Floor?

    I'm about to lay the 12mm ply floor in my conversion and was wondering if anyone seals the edges of the ply with varnish or something similar before putting flooring down. Might be a bit of extra protection incase of spillages, wet boots etc?
  2. N

    Raised floor height advice needed

    I've done all the dodo flooring insulation and put my 12 mm ply flooring down. So I've added a fair bit of height to the floor. But the higher side step that I bought is not quite right. I've tried modding it and cutting bits out but it doesn't seem right. Does anyone have any advice on what...
  3. W

    Re-installing tie downs

    I am in the process of fitting tie downs to the rear of my Kombi, When the van was converted from a panel van the conversion company used a one piece ply floor. Does anyone have the measurements for the location of the threads or advice on how I can locate their positions before i end up with my...
  4. C

    universal floor swb DXF

    Just tried to find a DXF file for the universal floor for a T6.1 (T6) on the vw bodybuilder site. MOst things can just be downloaded but this file asks for a password. Anyone know where I can get a DXF of the SWB floor so I can CNC a hexa ply floor.
  5. R

    Screwing the ply floor down

    Got 9mm battons and 12mm ply floor. What size screws are best and any type? I know its common sense but just want to be double sure. Thanks
  6. T

    Van furniture oak floor experience?

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had a van furniture oak floor fitted, or anyone else with experience of it? Really like the look of it, but am concerned about the MDF core under the Oak Veneer...any Advice greatly appreciated.
  7. R

    Anyone used Dodo superliner or dead mat for the floor?

    Hi guys been looking at using one of these for the floor of my van to sound deaden and insulate. Not sure of the best way to fit in conjunction with a ply wood floor which I also need to fit. Thanks
  8. Vanzilla

    Wooden floor Caravelle/Multivan

    Anyone tried replicating the wood look floor from the various special editions in their Caravelle/ Multivan? I love the look and the cleanabilty is attractive vs carpet. I’m thinking the best option is to buy a floor from breakers yard, remove carpet layer and replace with altro or vinyl tiles...
  9. bodillc

    For Sale Single piece floor and altro vinyl for sale

    new SWB 2019 Transporter, brand new freshly varnished single piece 12mm ply floor from Infinity customs ( paid £156 ) and a piece of Altro industrial slate grey contrax anti slip vinyl; still wrapped in its postal tube ( paid £108) excluding shipping . Both unused and brand new .... Expecting...
  10. Apretext

    Dodo Liner Extreme on floor?

    We've got the campervan extreme kit from deadening.co.uk which comes with some silentcoat, and 2 rolls of the dodoliner extreme. The instructions say to use the dodoliner on the floor and walls, and the silentcoat on the walls and wheel arches, etc. Just checking, will we still be able to fit a...
  11. R

    Dealing with factory floor holes

    Hi guys, I'm removing my Kombi set up with seats, rubber floor and tie-down points. I am left with the factory holes from the tie-down bolts and will be left with holes from the Kombi seat brackets. How should I deal with the holes before getting my plywood floor down e.t.c
  12. T6Kombi-exec

    Sound Deadening Caravelle floor between seat rails?

    Has anyone used silentcoat or similar on the rear of their van whilst using or fitting caravelle seat rails. I've searched and searched the forum but it doesn't seem to have been covered previously. What does an original T6 Caravelle van floor look like ? is it insulated under the rails? or...
  13. C

    Fixing new flooring

    So I’ve cut my new 12mm floor and I’m now ready to fix it down, how has everyone done this, self tappers, sikaflex 221 , or both?
  14. C

    Removing fixing points before floor?

    So I’ve gone to remove the fixing points from the floor of my t6 and noticed that the old holes left go strait though to under the van leaving potential for moisture to build underneath the ply floor. I’ve put the bolts back in without the fixing loops and they still suck out slightly Is it...
  15. R

    Ply supplier recommendations?

    Hi guys, looking for recommendations for ply boards and the 12mm ply flooring. I've heard of people before getting dodgy fitting ply floors so just want to get a decent one. Thanks
  16. OllieGBR

    Glue, Screw Or Both?

    After adding the foil insulation, (into the gaps) I'm going to be securing the three piece 12mm flooring. I was just going to screw it into the 9mm ply I've glued in, however I've ready that many people glue and screw. Gluing seams so final, if you want to make any changes it's not coming back...
  17. Bobbych

    Ply Floor Template. T6.1

    So, just started my ply floor. Made an exact template from cardboard and hot glue. Will then make a 3mm MDF full size floor which will be my master template for the future. I will use this to make my 12mm ply floor.
  18. OllieGBR

    Sound-deadening and Thermal Insulation of Cab

    I've watched nearly all the video's and read many posts, does anyone actually sound proof and thermal insulate the cabin area under the seats? I've seen one picture of sound insulation, nothing else? (I have the original matt that appears quite substantial) Picture for dramatic effect
  19. Ann3x

    Sold Kombi Interior

    For sale my Kombi Interior post conversion. From a MY 2018 Kombi, new in October that has done under 1500 miles. Most parts as new, no big issues but have been used lightly of course + a bit of dust from the garage. Following items available: - kombi simora triple rear bench seat (isofix...