floor rails

  1. J

    Putting my R&R bed on to rails

    I have a R&R bed in my T6. When we go away we have to pack up the middle of the van as we have no room in the back. I have seen a van where the seats will move forward so the back of the van becomes free. Is it possible to add rails to an existing R&R bed and has anyone tried it?
  2. 3crispies

    Caravelle rails fitters and confusion

    Been reading all the different threads on rails and fitting but before I take the plunge and buy a set of rails how can I tell exactly where they fit, seen mentioned holes in chassis but others look like there are clamps around chassis. Is there a reason converters arnt interested in fitting...
  3. V



    Show us your sliding-rail rock and rollers!

    Hello, so i wanted the Reimo vario 3000 but Im not willing to pay in excess 7-8k for it with flooring and storage. instead I have looked at the smart bed evo 2 rail system, anyone got pics of this or similar alternatives in a SWB and any pictures of the bed being forward on a SWB to show how...
  5. Skyliner33

    Sold Brand New California/Caravelle SWB outer rain plus trim pieces.

    I have for sale a set of brand new rails, aluminium covers, tie down points and the bits. Inculded will be: 7E5 883 183 B The main channel. x2 7E5 883 387 C8 Q8 cover strip x4 7E5 883 387 D8 Q8 cover strip x4 7H5 883 161 F8 2V Stop x 2 7H5 802 994 AU H8 Tie-down x4 The above parts were...
  6. Skyliner33

    For Sale California twin bench seat and SWB rails.

    I am having a change of heart as to the direction I want to go with this van. So I am testing the water with these. Bought a while ago, I was supposed to be having the rails fitted last week, but that had to be cancelled due to covid (not me). The seat was brand new when I bought it (although...
  7. dominic4

    Has anyone converter a shuttle bench to fit Caravelles Rails?

    I am in the process of converting my Shuttle to Caravelle but wondered if I could find a way of adapting Shuttle bench to fitting the rails. Has anyone ever tried this? (I have a bench seat cover to match my front but not covers for the two single seats. Thanks Dominic
  8. dave_b

    Full-width bed on rails?

    Is there such a thing as a full width bed with rails that can slide up and down the van? Or is my only option for full width a rock n roll bed?
  9. TheDig

    Recommendations needed: seat/bed on rails

    Hello, I have a Kombi twin slider t6. Am looking to remove the 2+1 rear seats and replace the seats with a seat/bed affair that converts to either a three quarter or full width bed, all of which slide on rails, I don’t want to put cabinets in for the full conversion, leaving it as a day van...
  10. C12jwalls

    Caravelle conversion: new flooring?

    Not sure if it's been covered before, But eh ho here we go. Converted my panel van single slider door to take caravelle rails double etc. Now the temp floor is from a caravelle so it don't fully fit etc. I would like a new floor to cover the whole van. How and what has anyone else has done...
  11. Skyliner33

    Cali conversion, SWB rails in a LWB van - can you still get the bed far enough back to make the bed?

    I have finally found a converter to do the rails, but they want to do them in the normal position, is at the front. However my concern is then that I would have enough rail to get the seat far enough back to make a bed. Can it be done and still have enough room for a multiflex board in the...
  12. L

    Cut Caravelle floor rails

    Hi all, Looking to convert a panel Van for use as both a work van and for use as a base at kids sports events! Have seen "cut"caravelle rails for sale but unsure if they would work? Looking to have triple bench seat in std kombi position but with the option to push forward for work and back a...
  13. Skyliner33

    Installed Caravelle/California rails? Source of ply floor.

    Im getting some Cali rails installed, but am looking for a ply floor to fit. Because the ply floor sites higher to match the rails then it needs to be a little bigger in certain parts. So, I am asking if anyone has seen a ply floor for sale that is specifically for this height and will fit...
  14. Toufic_13

    can this bench be converted to a rail system?

    Does anyone know if these 2 seats can be converted to a rail system? We want to be able to gain some storage in the back when driving and have our babies closer to us in the front thanks in advance
  15. Lukavell

    For Sale 2 x VW Caravelle rear sliding Captains Chairs in leather and alcantara.

    Hardly used and almost as good as new, except small patch of rust on one of the bases, see photo. Rear sliding and swivelling captains chairs. Stored in a warm dry garage. Black, dark grey leather and alcantara. £1200.
  16. Lukavell

    Sold VW Caravelle Multifunction table. £200.

    As titled. Couple of small scratches as shown on photo.
  17. D

    For Sale Caravelle table and triple seat that fold flat into bed

    Caravelle table for sale £250 Caravelle triple seat with headrests In ok condition £750 Collection from warrington
  18. R

    Aftermarket seat/bed on VW factory (Caravelle/Multivan) rails

    Hi all, i am looking for a 3seat/bed 120cm width for a T6 Multivan rails. Would anyone know where to find it? i ve tried with reimo but it seems it has its own rails , some other offering 2 seat only for such width. I am in trouble please help me! thx in advance
  19. Skyliner33

    Mounting VW OEM rails into a LWB van.

    I have read the threads on the forum but they have not really answered some questions I have. I have a LWB van that I want to add rails in the California positions. There are several options I have. 1. Putting OEM California rails (SWB) in the normal front forward position. In this position...
  20. S

    T5 Caravelle rails and seats.

    I've been planning my van for a while. It won't be here for 9 months but that won't stop me from researching and buying stuff! Found a set pair of T5 Caravelle seats, carpet rails etc for sale cheap enough for me to bite. Had to help take it out though. Handy for when I fit in my van. First...