floor rails

  1. C12jwalls

    Caravelle conversion: new flooring?

    Not sure if it's been covered before, But eh ho here we go. Converted my panel van single slider door to take caravelle rails double etc. Now the temp floor is from a caravelle so it don't fully fit etc. I would like a new floor to cover the whole van. How and what has anyone else has done...
  2. Skyliner33

    Cali conversion, SWB rails in a LWB van - can you still get the bed far enough back to make the bed?

    I have finally found a converter to do the rails, but they want to do them in the normal position, is at the front. However my concern is then that I would have enough rail to get the seat far enough back to make a bed. Can it be done and still have enough room for a multiflex board in the...
  3. Skyliner33

    Installed Caravelle/California rails? Source of ply floor.

    Im getting some Cali rails installed, but am looking for a ply floor to fit. Because the ply floor sites higher to match the rails then it needs to be a little bigger in certain parts. So, I am asking if anyone has seen a ply floor for sale that is specifically for this height and will fit...
  4. Toufic_13

    can this bench be converted to a rail system?

    Does anyone know if these 2 seats can be converted to a rail system? We want to be able to gain some storage in the back when driving and have our babies closer to us in the front thanks in advance
  5. Lukavell

    For Sale 2 x VW Caravelle rear sliding Captains Chairs in leather and alcantara.

    Hardly used and almost as good as new, except small patch of rust on one of the bases, see photo. Rear sliding and swivelling captains chairs. Stored in a warm dry garage. Black, dark grey leather and alcantara. £1200.
  6. Lukavell

    Sold VW Caravelle Multifunction table. £200.

    As titled. Couple of small scratches as shown on photo.
  7. D

    For Sale Caravelle table and triple seat that fold flat into bed

    Caravelle table for sale £250 Caravelle triple seat with headrests In ok condition £750 Collection from warrington
  8. R

    Aftermarket seat/bed on VW factory (Caravelle/Multivan) rails

    Hi all, i am looking for a 3seat/bed 120cm width for a T6 Multivan rails. Would anyone know where to find it? i ve tried with reimo but it seems it has its own rails , some other offering 2 seat only for such width. I am in trouble please help me! thx in advance
  9. Skyliner33

    Mounting VW OEM rails into a LWB van.

    I have read the threads on the forum but they have not really answered some questions I have. I have a LWB van that I want to add rails in the California positions. There are several options I have. 1. Putting OEM California rails (SWB) in the normal front forward position. In this position...
  10. S

    T5 Caravelle rails and seats.

    I've been planning my van for a while. It won't be here for 9 months but that won't stop me from researching and buying stuff! Found a set pair of T5 Caravelle seats, carpet rails etc for sale cheap enough for me to bite. Had to help take it out though. Handy for when I fit in my van. First...
  11. Skyliner33

    Help needed measuring Caravelle and California rails.

    I need some help with measurements please. If you have a van with either LWB or SWB Caravelle rails or a California if you could take some measurements for me I would be very grateful For the Caravelle it it the outside rail, not the double centre rail. If you could measure the total length...
  12. RemfanUK

    sliding seat cost?

    wondering what the cost is for a sliding rear bench seat conversion in a t6 so it has sliding seats, i think like the california? thanks.
  13. S

    Reimo Variotech bonded rail safety

    Hi all, My first post, apologies if it's in the wrong section! I'm currently planning our camper conversion and one thing we're really keen on having is a sliding seat bed in order to keep our two kids (3 and 6) within sweet passing distance while on longer drives but then also being able to...
  14. F

    Full width bed on rails

    Id like to replace our kombi seats with a full width sliding rock and roll bed in my LWB. I was planning on getting a fortywinks bed but realised once the bed is down there will be no room in the van to even get changed for bed. Main requirements are it needs to be comfy as most of the time it...
  15. K

    Caravelle bed comfort?

    I’m looking at fitting one on the rail system in my next van. Question is, are they comfortable? Was thinking the factory VW one second hand full width. Any pros/cons or other brands you’d recommend? Definitely needs to be on a rail. Thanks !
  16. Roberts

    Which bed on rails?

    Hi Guys looking for a bit of advice, Looking to put a bed (undecided at the minute) on rails for the flexibility. I've found a used set of caravelle rails but I'm unsure if it contains everything I need. Where are you guys getting your rails and what are the recommendations? I'm looking to be...
  17. Necessary Jago

    Unwin / l-track kombi adapter

    Has anyone ever adapted a kombi seat or bench to fit on l track or unwin? Or any other seat. I have need of a folding bench on unwin rails has to be a certain height. What's possible?
  18. N

    Floor lashings - Aircraft style rails

    My van has a Reimo variotech rear seat and has what I believe are called aircraft style rails. I want to fix lashing points to the rails and also a forty winks bike station. Having looked on the reimo website/Amazon/E bay, lashing fixings are available that slot into the holes. All well and...
  19. Andysmee

    Team Floor Rails

    There are a good few people who have retrofitted rails or fitted aftermarket rails, and the challenges are common: Sourcing and fitting rails - see this thread: https://www.t6forum.com/threads/fitting-caravelle-seat-rails.1472/ Sourcing and lugging seats into position. Raising the floor height...
  20. D

    Caravelle rail fitting

    Hello everyone Recently purchased a caravelle rail set up and bench, wondering if there is anyone recommended who could fit them for me in th Warrington/Manchester area? Thanks