floor rails

  1. N

    Floor lashings - Aircraft style rails

    My van has a Reimo variotech rear seat and has what I believe are called aircraft style rails. I want to fix lashing points to the rails and also a forty winks bike station. Having looked on the reimo website/Amazon/E bay, lashing fixings are available that slot into the holes. All well and...
  2. Andysmee

    Team Floor Rails

    There are a good few people who have retrofitted rails or fitted aftermarket rails, and the challenges are common: Sourcing and fitting rails - see this thread: https://www.t6forum.com/threads/fitting-caravelle-seat-rails.1472/ Sourcing and lugging seats into position. Raising the floor height...
  3. D

    Caravelle rail fitting

    Hello everyone Recently purchased a caravelle rail set up and bench, wondering if there is anyone recommended who could fit them for me in th Warrington/Manchester area? Thanks
  4. D

    Found Caravelle rails

    I’m after a set of caravelle rails if anybody is selling any? For SWB not fussed whether double or single! Missed out on a set on eBay for 500 recently!
  5. J

    [GUIDE] Raising the floor height to match OEM rails

    Hi there, I've had some caravelle rails fitted ready for my Titan vari mount bed and i need to raise the floor to match the height of the rails which is about 39mm. I would like to soundproof and insulate and finish with an Altro vinyl floor. Could someone recommend the best method please ? much...
  6. G

    Fitting rear seat rails in a 4 motion

    Hi Has anyone fitted a sliding rear seat to a swb 4 motion ?
  7. I

    VW Floor rail manufacturer (OEM or similar)

    Hello, Does anyone know who makes VW floor rails or makes a similar version? Or any companies making 3/4 Bed systems outthere? I know of Unwin rails but they seem to be fairly chunky, and a trip hazard? Happy to be proved otherwise if anyone is using them nad has pics? What are people using...
  8. J

    Sliding bed floor fixings

    Just putting final payment on a T6 landseer convention we have a sliding bed I want to fix a dog cage to the slides has anybody got any idea where I can get some clips that will fit into the floor slid.
  9. S

    Floor bolts protruding out of Cali rails

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the 2 bolts in the floor as pictured please, I found them after buying the Caravelle second hand. Don’t know why they are there or how to remove them. Appreciate some advice, they seem pretty solid.
  10. Dave F

    Rib bed on rails retrofit

    I have a rib seat/bed in a fixed position. Would it be big job/possible at all to put it onto rails system so I can move it forward to load up for holidays and any idea of a cost to do this?. Thanks
  11. S

    making a lwb floor...compatible with double rails..

    the never ending search for a dxf of the floor seems to continue.. i have found a floor but its broken so id only buy it to use as a template.. but its complicated getting it to me.. Do VW do a rubber mat that is compatible with the rails? anyone cracked the dxf of the floor?! i have a diy...
  12. S

    Wessex Kombi Beds and Caravelle seats

    I am looking at the Wessex Kombi bed which goes over the rear bench seat when they are folded flat. I will be fitting caravelle rails and two single seats and would like to know if when the caravelle seats fold flat forward whether they are the same or similar height to the bench seat. Does...
  13. Y

    Floor rails - any ready-made aftermarket tie-downs?

    Just got my van back from Van Worx - part of the work was fitting floor rails. I now need to work out a way of carrying my two labradors safely and am interested to know if there are any aftermarket tie downs that slot into the rail system I now have. Thinking of how I might secure some...
  14. Kevlmcm

    Uberflux sliding system removal??

    I have a SWB camper conversion with a RIB bed/seat on uberflux sliding rails and want to know if anyone had experience with seat removal and how easy it might be? The reason I ask, would quite like to be able to say 1 time a month remove the seats and put my track bike in the rear and take to...
  15. T6Kombi-exec

    Sound Deadening Caravelle floor between seat rails?

    Has anyone used silentcoat or similar on the rear of their van whilst using or fitting caravelle seat rails. I've searched and searched the forum but it doesn't seem to have been covered previously. What does an original T6 Caravelle van floor look like ? is it insulated under the rails? or...
  16. Garny999

    Fitting Single Sliding Rails and Cali Bed.

    I have scoured the forum and found excellent advice regarding rail fitment but before I start the dreaded drilling, does anyone happen to know the ideal location / measurement for the single rails for a 3/4 California bed on a SWB panel van. I understand that the Cali bed would need modifying if...
  17. M

    Caravelle Rail Floor Brackets.

    Hi all. Does anyone know the part number or where I can buy the underside brackets to fit caravelle rails. have all the bolts but missing the brackets. Many thanks Mike
  18. O

    T5 Caravelle Rails And Seats - how to fit?

    Hi guys I’ve recently purchased rails , 2 x captain seats and the bench seat for the rail system. I got them at a really good price but need to get hold of a few parts. I’m wanting to replace the aluminium rail covers as they are a bit tatty and I’m also wanting some bits including the two...
  19. D

    California Rail Trim Loose

    I have California seat rails in my converted van, recently the front end of the aluminium trim has lifted from the floor. I have pushed it back into place temporarily but it soon springs out. It doesn't appear to be bent. I assumed that they would be secured by the grey plastic insert at the...
  20. LambethBoy

    Looking For Recommendations On Flooring Around Caravell Rails

    have got the rails in now and am having conflicting feelings about the best flooring to put down before carpet or Altro. What’s the best to use ply? Or as I’ve seen in @Coradia63 post it looks like OSB? Fitting Caravelle seat rails Any suggestions?