floor rails

  1. N

    Another which bed on rails thread - Yoyo/Tital/Reimo

    Sorry for another thread on this, I think I've read most/all previous similar ones but wanted to gather some opinions. I'm planning a slightly overly complicated conversion on a SWB T6. I want to be able to fit a couple of mountain bikes inside the van but also have a pull tested bed with...
  2. Smileysmile

    Show us your flooring with sliding seats

    I'm looking for inspiration. I've STIDE sliding seats. Now I need flooring to slot around it. I've uploaded a photo. What will look nice with Ravenna blue?
  3. V

    Caravelle Cleats

    Hi all I have caravelle rails installed into my t6 as I have the sliding triple seat. I want to get my chippie to make me a box for the back that fits into the rails. Does anyone know if the factory spring loaded parcel shelf cleats would fit straight into the rails in the rear without having to...
  4. Paynewright

    Caravelle seat on rails and shuttle seat

    Hi We currently need 6 seats (occasionally) but want to convert to a camper. Does anyone know if the triple caravelle seat on rails will work with the 4 std seat floor brackets in row 3? I.e. will the triple slide backwards and forwards clearing the 4 brackets in the rear? Ian
  5. S

    LWB Floor Rails - Part Numbers

    Hi Everyone, I am totally new to the world of VW Conversion but looking for advice and part numbers for the flooring rails i need to convert my twin door LWB 5.1. I obtained a bench seat and two (rear) singles from a Multi Van but now need the rails. Looking at the van they came from i need...
  6. Sturge

    Sold 2017 T32 SWB 204PS DSG 4Motion 7 seater Highline Day-Van, high spec. £29k

    ** Price reduced to £29k ** I have finally come to the sad decision to sell my van. I bought it new in December 2017, and so it is one owner from new. I ticked nearly every box when I ordered it, so it is very high spec. Still under extended warranty with VW for another 12 months (service...
  7. 3crispies

    Sliding rails Rib conversion

    Have 2 single caravelle rails fitted for 2 single seats only and looking for a Rib bed to fit on these. Are Reimo, glidemotion systems only suitable for their own rails, looking for a bed to fit as and when I need it. Also is their a unit such as evo motion low units that I could fit onto these...
  8. Pandagigi

    Cali rail fixing bolt - broken spring

    Hi everyone!! new in the forum, so sorry if I do some mistakes! I've broken the tiny spring in the fixing system of the left back side forniture of my T6.1 beach (2 seats in the back line) I'm not able to remove the screw to replace it... how can I do? thanks for any help! here you have...
  9. landy

    Caravelle rail fixings aftermarket

    Hiya, Anyone aware of any fixings that will allow me to bolt a section of wood or aluminium into the existing caravelle rails? The multiflex boards usually have sprung screw style fixings to allow removal and install. But I'm looking for something without the whole board. Plan is to create a...
  10. J

    Reimo Variotech 3000 vs California bed system

    Hi, i am looking at converting my T6 and install a slideable bed, either the Reimo 3000 or California bed system. I need to know which is the best quality and what the restrictions are of each bed type. The differences i know so far are: 1. California 2 seats, Reimo 3, both have isofix. 2...
  11. Weeked

    Caravelle rail cover - part #

    Anyone knows what part numbers are these missing rail covers and where can I find them? T5.1 Multivan 2012
  12. GilbsT32

    Alternative to Rail System Caravelle Seats

    Hi All Has anybody done this or can anyone advise me whether this is possible or not! Trying to source caravelle rails or an alternative is proving either difficult or expensive with quotes ranging between £4000-£6000. This is money I can do so much more with when it comes to kitting out my...
  13. sidpoole2k

    T6 caravelle Rail stops

    Hello there, my partner and I have manged to swap out the flooring from our T6 Kombi for a caravelle with rails and seating. I am fine with doing all the touch up works with making the floor fit snuggly and filling out all the missing areas of floor that are now present. However the second hand...
  14. H

    YoYo Bed on GlideMotion rails

    Hi all I am looking at getting this Rock N Roll bed. Has anyone fitted it themselves? I am trying to save some money if I can :) https://campervanseating.uk/product/yoyo-glidemotion/
  15. A

    Sold Caravelle rails….

    Due to a change of plans, I have a set of 4 Caravelle floor rails for sale. These are from a SWB, and I was going to fit them in to my LWB van, but the plan has changed so no longer required. They come with a bag full of fixings. They are in good condition, all the side clips are good, and...
  16. W

    Sliding Rail bed - Can this be added?

    Hi All, We have found a van we would like to buy but the only thing stopping us is that is doesn't have a bed on rails which is something we would like. There doesn't seem to be many LWB automatics with a rail bed. So am wondering if there is an option to remove the fixed bed and get a company...
  17. G

    Sliding rear seat/bed unit?

    Hi folks, Doing research for my likely ideal spec T6 camper…. I see the very odd van that has the rear seats/bed unit on rails…. But very few. Are these generally not as popular due to safety? Or the type of units that this can be done with? Not a biggy, but I’d assume with one of those...
  18. Mupp3tt

    Shorter SWB floor rails ?

    Does anyone know if vw did shorter than swb floor rails. If so do they have part numbers for the complete rail System? Lookibg to use them in a crafter conversion and dont want the length on the swb. But if anyone has some for sale i may purchase and cut them down to size.
  19. J

    Caravelle rails - Putting Ply floor on top of standard Shuttle flooring - anyone done it?

    Evening, we are looking to put Caravelle rails in our LWB Shuttle. The conversion company have recommended putting a plywood floor on top of the current floor - has anyone else done this and has it worked out OK? sorry if this is in a post somewhere - I have looked extensively but not been able...