floating centre caps

  1. J_Con19

    Wanted Dynamic centre caps

    Looking for 4 dynamic centre caps if anyone's got any lying around
  2. Veedubd

    Cantera - Dynamic Centre Caps?

    Hi all, i have bagged myself a set of Canterras which are currently getting powdercoated in satin black, i also have a set of the VW dynamic centre caps but they are too small to clip into the wheel, has anybody come up with a solution to this? im thinking a small 3D printed reducer maybe pushed...
  3. moomin-j

    Lost my spinning Vw centre cap

    Bought these on 24-10-2020: Fitted them on 22-11-2020: And lost 1 of them today on the 1st journey I've done in 6 weeks They were definitely on when I left home, as the neighbour asked why they were all the same way, all the time. He is a Ford driver, so I have to make allowances when...
  4. Jayjmac

    Sold Amarok Cantera satin black £1050

    Reluctantly putting these up for sale.. these are my go to wheels! I now need the space! If they don’t sell I’m tempted to put them in the loft! :whistle: Amarok cantera fully powder coated in satin black. They are in excellent condition. 19 inch 8j ET43 They have Michelin pilot Alpin PA4...
  5. Jayjmac

    Found Set of VW dynamic centre caps

    Just thought I’d try here first! Has anyone got a set of the spinning centre caps they want to shift. Cheers

    When You’ve Just Bought B14s And Transporterhq...

    when you’ve just bought b14s and skinted yourself once again, and transporter hq go and post for sale signs everywhere.... (The wheels are for sale that is)